Upcoming/Results Female Fights – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

Here are all the announced upcoming fights and results for the current month. Results from previous months can be found here. Pro MMA courtesy of WMMAToday and boxing courtesy of Boxrec.com. Wombat Sports uses the Unified MMA Rankings.

  • Pro MMA in Red
  • Amateur MMA in Pink
  • Semi-pro MMA in Orange
  • Pro Boxing in Aqua
  • Amateur boxing in Yellow
  • Kickboxing/Muay Thai in Green
  • Grappling in blue


Oct. 2

KOTC – Highland, CA

  • Danielle Taylor def. Maria Andaverde by unanimous decision (115)

Circuito de Lutas Fight Night 4 – Brazil

  • Ketlen Vieira def. Juliana Leite via TKO at 1:36 round 2 (145)

German Cagefight Championship

  • Naomi Staller def. Cinja Kiefer by TKO round 1  (135)

Oct. 3

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Karen Elizabeth Carabajal def. Maria Soledad Capriolo by unanimous decision (126)

Tampa, Florida

  • Noemi Bosques def. Ivana Coleman by unanimous decision (112)

Brandenburg, Germany

  • Alicia Melina Kummer def. Zuzana Schmiedova by TKO round 1 (135)

Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico

  • Karina Fernandez and Yoatzin Alejandra Meraz De’Luna fight to a technical draw (115)
  • Diana Fernandez def. Susana Uribe by unanimous decision (115)
  • Angelica Rascon def. Karla Ivette Valenzuela Garcia by unanimous decision (118)

Oct. 4

SFL – Tacoma, WA (This will stream for free on SFL’s Youtube)

  • Colleen Schneider def. Brenda Gonzales by unanimous decsion to win the 135 title
  • Cheryl Chan def. Hadley Griffith by submission (rear naked choke) round 3 (125)

BRFC – Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Tabatha Ricci def. Graziele Ricotta by unanimous decision  (115)

Vale Tudo Japan – Tokyo, Japan

  • Kanna Asakura def. Naomi “Nachi” Okaki by unanimous decision  (105)

Metanoia Fight Combat – Brazil

  • Marta Souza def. Natally Alves by TKO 0:40 of round 1 (135)

Steelfist 28: Intensity – Salt Lake City, UT

  • Killastina Matatohi def. Heather Martin by TKO 1:51 round 1 (160)

NAAFS- Canton, OH

  • Meghan Joyce def. Jessica Dinch by unanimous decision (115)

Cage Wars – Grand Junction, Colorado

  • Nicole Upshaw def. Amanda Nold by TKO 2:02 round 1 (135)

Diciembre, Panama

  • Nataly Delgado and Maria Milano fight to a majority draw (108)

Basel, Switzerland

  • Pasa Malagic def. Borislava Goranova by unanimous decision (135)

Royan, Charente-Maritime, France

  • Ericka Rousseau def. Wendy Gervois by unanimous decision (126)

Pojoaque, New Mexico

  • Monica Lovato def. Kristen Montano by TKO round 1 (126)

Oct. 10

RFA 19 – Prior Lake, MN (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Jocelyn Lybarger def. Rebecca Ruth by split decision (115)
  • Cassie Rodish def.  Raquel Magdaleno by submission (rear naked choke) 4:50 round 1  (110)

BAMMA: Badbeat 13 – California

  • Alyssa Garcia def. Misha Nassiri by submission (armbar) 2:04 round 2 (110)
  • Maria Rios def. Ashley Yoder by unanimous decision (115)
  • Christina Marks def. Melanie Lacroix by unanimous decision  (135)

Supreme Promotions, Joliet, IL

  • Braelyn Chapman def. Arianne Christiansen by split decision (140)

Romanian XF – Botoșani, Romania

  • Cristina Stanciu defeats Gabriela Lacob by TKO 0:33 round 1

Jujuy, Argentina

  • Brenda Carabajal def. Paola Pamela Gamarra by KO round 2 (126)

La Pampa, Argentina

  • Yohana Alejandra Mora def. Jorgelina Obregon by KO round 3 (115)

San Jose, Costa Rica

  • Yokasta Valle def. Francisca Viquez by TKO round 3 (108)

Abruzzo, Italy

  • Michele Crudetti def.. Luca Genovese by points (122)

Oct. 11

SUFN 2 – England

  • Helen Harper def. Nayra Acosta by TKO 4:47 round 1 (115)
  • Veronica Macedo def. Chrissy Audin by KO (headkick) round 1

Prime Fighting 4 – Ridgefield, WA

  • Emily Corso def. Katie Howard by submission (rear naked choke) 2:02 round 2 (125) 
  • Lisa Spangler def. Alison Barnett by KO round 1 (145)

Nitro MMA – Australia

  • Megan Anderson def. Jodie Struzik by submission (rear naked choke) 0:30 round 2 (135)

Fight Hard MMA – St, Charles. MO

  • Michelle Pearce def. Ronni Lawrence by unanimous decision to win the 125 title
  • Susie Wyatt def. Sheena Brandenburg by TKO 2:50 round 1  (125)
  • Autumn Lamle def. Andrea Whtiney by unanimous decision
  • Gabrielle Labbee def. Shawna Tyler by unanimous decision  
  • Katherine Grasshopper def. Shawna Stevenson by submission (strikes) round 2
  • Cassandra Burton def. Kira Franke by TKO (retirement) round 2 

Spar Star Promotions – Inglewood, California

  • Farren Romero def. Aiko Ewing by submission 0:36 round 2  (135)

CageQuest – Lakewood, Washington

  • Anna Dempster def. Kelly Clayton by unanimous decision (155)

CFL HD – Adelanto, California

  • Daria Berenato def. Allenita Perez by submission round 3  (125)

Central Coast Throwdown – Salinas, California

  • Shaianna Rincon def. Brooke Mayo by submission 1:22 round 2 (135)

Fusion Fight League – Billings, MT

  • Nekah Dmitriyeva def. Tasha Fourstar by submission (rear naked choke) round 1 (130)
  • Sonya Wilson def. Brittany Viets by TKO (135)
  • Savannah Shaffer vs. Jade Buckskin (120)

Budapest, Hungary

  • Csilla Nemedi def. Jasmina Nadj by unanimous decision to win the vacant WBF bantamweight title

Athens, Greece

  • Areti Mastrodouka def. Hana Horakova by unanimous decsion for the vacant GBU World lightweight title

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

  • Tyrieshia Douglas def. Shanna Allen by TKO round 1 (118)

Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Diana Ayala def. Angie Barca by unanimous decision

Saarland, Germany

  • Elvira Alberti def. Caroline Thea Andre by unanimous decision (140)
  • Aniya Seki def. Claudia Ferenciby unanimous decision (115)

Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico

  • Alejandra Jimenez def. Claudia Ramirez by TKO round 3 (200)

Oct. 12


  • Thaís Machado def. Sara Machado by TKO round 3 (135)

Oct. 17

LegacyFC – Allen, TX (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Norma Rueda Center def. Michelle Nicolini by unanimous decision (115)

OneFC – Kuala Lumpur (This will stream on OneFC.com)

  • Ann Osman def. Aya Saeid Saber by TKO 3:15 round 1 (125)

Bellator – Council Bluffs, Iowa (This will stream on Spike.com)

  • Jozette Cotton def. Holly Lawson by unanimous decisions (168)

Diamond Fight – Singapore

  • Lena Ovchynnikova def. Svetlana Gotsyk by submission (rear naked choke) 3:40 round 3 (119)

Tucuman, Argentina

  • Cecilia Sofia Mena (c) def. Aline de Cassia Scaranello  by unanimous decision to retain the  WBC Latino featherweight title

Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, Argentina

  •  Leonela Paola Yudica Andino def. Florencia Roxana Canteros (c) by split decsion to win the Argentina (FAB) flyweight title

Panama City, Panama

  • Maria Milano def. Iliana Bonilla by unanimous decision (105)
  • Zuliana Mendoza def. Jojahiny Ortega by KO round 4 (115)

Dzierzoniow, Poland

  • Ewa Brodnicka def. Jekaterina Lecko by TKO round 2 (140)

Auckland, New Zealand

  • Sitaleki Maka def. Ivana Seau by unanimous decision (155)

Chonburi, Thailand

  • Amy Berezowski def. Nongploy Sithjemayurin by KO round 5 (108)

Oct. 18

XKO – Arlington, Texas

  • Amber Stautzenberger ‏def. Kathina Catron by submission (armbar) round 1 (115) 

Rumble in the Cage 50 – Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

  • Erin McDougall def. Lynnell House by unanimous decsion (125)

Gladiatores MMA  Brazil

  • Laura Balin def. Luly Silva by submission (Armbar) round 1 (115)

Grappler Fight Night – Mińsk Mazowiecki, Poland

  • Wiola Szewczyk def. Klaudia Key Ćwiek  by submission (guillotine) round 1 (135)

United Combat League – Peoria, Illinois

  • Jenna Fox def. Katherine Richter by unanimous decision (145)

Capital City Cagefight Championships – Lansing, MI

  • Angela Jennings def. Lauren Foley by submission (flying armbar) round 4 (125)

Lohja Fight Night – Lohja, Finland

  • Minna Grusander  def. Tiia Kohtamäki by TKO 2:17 round 2 (115)

Texas Premier Ammy – Midland, Texas

  • Kenia Rosa def. Ruby Diaz by unanimous decision (125)

San Luis, Argentina

  • Yohana Belen Alfonzo def. Angela Marcialesby unanimous decision to win the vacant WBC Latino super featherweight title

Northcote, New Zealand

  • Bay Bee Nansen def. Suzie Ketchley by unanimous decision (135)

Mazowiecki, Poland

  • Ewa Piatkowska def. Zsofia Bedo by TKO round 3 (140)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Debora Anahi Dionicius def. Maria Magdalena Rivera by unanimous decision (115)
  • Julieta Andrea Cardozo def. Lorena Noemi Gomez by unanimous decision (135)

Hamburg, Germany

  • Alicia Melina Kummer def.  Jaroslava Kocourkova by KO round 1 (135)

Oct. 19

Sofia, Bulgaria

  • Teodora Bacheva def. Theodora Hristova by majority decision (105)

Oct. 24

Bellator MMA – Mulvane, KS (This will air on Spike TV)

  • Marloes Coenen def. Annalisa Bucci by submission (rear naked choke) 0:57 round 3 (145)

PXC 45 – Guam (This will stream on Tpiguam.net)

  • Brogan Walker def. Yoo Jin Jung bu unanimous decision (125)

PLMMA 41 – Legionowo, Poland

  • Barbara Nalepka def. Marzena Horoszko via TKO in round 1 (125)

Fight to Win – Glendale, Colorado

  • Brittany Boone def. Hanna Schaefer by TKO round 1 (115)
  • Grace Cleveland def. Cady Kinzie by KO round 1 (115)

Pueblo, Colorado

  • Chantel Cordova (c) and Gloria Salas fight to majority draw. Cordova retains the NABF flyweight title

Barranquilla, Colombia

  • Liliana Palmera def. Ana Lozano to win the interim WBA World female super bantamweight title 

Cataluña, Spain

  • Abigail Medina def. Daniele Limone by KO round 10 to win the vacant EBU-EU super bantamweight title 

Oct. 25

MMA Super Heroes – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Atomweight tournament 


  • Arielle Souza def. Bianca Reis by submission (rear naked choke) 0:25 round 1 to win the 105 tournament

*Janaisa Morandin broke her hand; had to withdraw from the finals


  • Bianca Reis def. Amanda Torres by unanimous decision (105)
  • Janaisa Morandin def. Arielle Souza by unanimous decision (105)

DFC Fall Brawl – Minnesota

  • Summer Bradshaw def. Mariah Prussia by TKO 1:51 round 2 (135)

Gladiator Challenge – San Diego, CA

  • Jessy Miele def. Lissette Neri by submission (scarfhold armlock) round 1 (145)
  • Bryanna Fissori def. Catalina Madril by TKO round 1 (135)

MIMMA – Malaysia

  • Zhen Wei def. Rachael Short by submission (Arm Triangle) round 1  (125)

Strikers House Cup – Brazil

  • Mariana Morais def. Geisielli Nascimento by submission (armbar) round 1 (125)

Fightstar – South Africa

  • Shana Power def. Iris Rodrigues by unanimous decision  (125)

Memoriał Pawła Kamińskiego – Gniezno, Poland

  • Małgorzata Smaczniak def. Agnieszka Więcek by submission (armbar) 2:58 round 1 (125)

RUF – Parker, Arizona

  • Valerie Quintero vs. Erika Norato (135)
  • Nicole Sontag vs. Terry Rucker (135)

Midtown Throwdown – Eugene, OR

  • Brittany Simms def. Amber Ortiz by submission (guillotine) 0:35  round 1 (125)

Rumble on the Ridge – Snoqualmie, Washington

  • Shelby Miller def. Cassandra Moors by TKO 2:00 round 1 (125)

Durango, Mexico

  • Yazmin Rivas def. Susie Ramadan by unanimous decision to retain the WBC World bantamweight title
  • Alondra Garcia vs. Maria Salinas (108)

Nagano, Japan

  • Ayaka Miyao def. Satomi Nishimura by TKO round 10 to retain the WBA female atomweight title

London, United Kingdom

  • Marianne Marston def. Marianna Gulyas by unanimous decision to win the vacant Malta (MBC) International super bantamweight title

Santa Fe, Argentina

  • Adela Celeste del Carmen Peralta def. Cristina Beatriz Cuevas by split decision (147)

Oct. 26

DEEP – Tokyo, Japan

  • Satoko Shinashi def. Ye Jin Jung by TKO 0:45 round 1 (105)

Šturovo, Slovakia

  • Agnes Draxler def. Kleopatra Tolnai by TKO round 2 (118)

Oct. 31

African Fight League – Durban, South Africa

  • Amanda Lino vs. Nqobile Hadebe (145)

Mendoza, Argentina

  • Yesica Patricia Marcos (c) vs. Estrella Valverde – WBA World super bantamweight title

Trnava, Slovakia

  • Zita Zatyko vs. Szilvia Szabados – vacant WBF super middleweight title

Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Ruth Stephanie Aquino vs. Laura Martinez (140)


Nov. 1

InvictaFC 9 – Davenport, Iowa (This will stream on UFC Fight Pass)

Main Event

  • Barb Honchak (c) vs. Takayo Hashi – flyweight title

Co- Main Event

  • Mizuki Inoue vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (115)

Main Card

  • Kaitlin Young vs. Raquel Pa’aluhi (135)
  • Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc vs. Jodie Esquibel (105)
  • Amber Brown vs. Liz McCarthy (105)
  • Amanda Bell vs. Maria Hougaard-Djursaa (145)
  • Shannon Sinn vs. Andrea K. Lee (125)
  • Jenny Liou Shriver vs. Jamie Moyle (115)
  • Kelly McGill vs. Maegan Goodwin (135)

XFCi – Sao Paulo, Brazil (This will stream on XFCMMA.com)

Strawweight tournament Quarterfinals

  • Marcela Yineris vs Liana Ferreira Pirosin (115)
  • Marina Moroz vs Karine Silva (115)
  • Dora Perjes vs Luana Santos Medeiros (115)
  • Fernanda Priscila Barros Pinheiro vs Viviane Pereira (115)

Cage Warriors – : Newcastle, England (This will stream on MMAJunkie.com)

  • Irene Cabello vs Vanessa Reinsch (105)

Iron Man/Iron Girl Fight – Brazil

  • Elaine Albuquerque vs Gisele Campos
  • Rayanne “Caverna” Melo vs TBD
  • Carla Bianca Ameida vs Letícia Moura

FWC 19 – Nerang, Queensland, Australia

  • Lana Kate vs Zoie Shreiweis (145)

XFN 21

  • Jaymee Jones vs Krystal McGuire (125)

XFC 22 –  Mansfield, Queensland, Australia

  • Terissa Wall vs Helen Malone (135)

Valor Fights

  • Katelyn Dykas vs Taylor Turner (135)

Clan Wars – Belfast, Northern Ireland

  • Leah McCourt vs. Aoifé Murphy (155)

King of Jacksonville – Jacksonville, North Carolina

  • Hannah Sears vs. Hannah Elswick (145)

Cage Wars – Albany, New York

  • Amanda Brundige vs. Brittany Ehntholt

Gladius Fights – Ithaca, New York

  • Janice Meyer vs. Fernanda Araujo (135)
  • Kate Riley vs. Casey Garland (150)

Shofights – Branson, MO

  • Stephanie Hull vs. Cassie Schmeekle (115)

Vienna, Austria

  • Eva Voraberger (c) vs. Renata Domsodi – WIBF/WBF super flyweight title

Fukuoka, Japan

  • Yuko Kuroki vs. Katia Gutierrez – WBC minimumweight title

Berne, Switzerland

  • Viviane Obenauf vs. Zsofia Bedo (135)

Hamilton, Bermuda

  • Teresa Perozzi vs. Kali Reis (160)

Lazio, Italy

  • Felice Moncelli vs. Sasa Janjic (154)

Nov. 2

AFC 13 – Brazil

  • Claudia Rey vs Yelka Torres (135)

Destiny Na Koa – Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Angela Lee vs. Audrey Perkins (115)

Nov. 3

DEEP-JEWELS – Tokyo, Japan (this will stream on their UStream)

  • Seo Hee Ham (c) vs Saori Ishioka – 105 title
  • Emi Fujino vs Ayaka Miura (115)
  • Shizuka Sugiyama vs Yurika Nakakura (135)
  • Tomo Maesawa vs Yuko “Amiba” Oya (115)
  • Satomi “Sarami” Takano vs Mina Kurobe (105)
  • Yukiko Seki vs. Naomi Taniyama (105)
  • Brittany Ann Decker vs. Pan Hui (105)

Nov. 7

OneFC – Singapore (This will stream on OneFC.com for $10)

  • Kristie Gannaway vs. Adek Omar (105)

RFA 20 – Denver, CO (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Stephanie Skinner vs Kyra Batara (105)

Hoosier Fight Club 22 – Valparaiso, IN

  • Breea Gilbert vs Carolyn Biskup (135)
  • Anne Malinoff vs Jen Aniano (125)

Tuff-n-uff – Las Vegas, NV

Featherweight tournament semi-finals

  • Charlene Donahue  vs. Pamela Sorenson (145)
  • Heather Wilson vs. Paola Ramirez (145)

Lightweight tournament semi-finals

  • Leanne Foster vs. Felicia Spencer (155)
  • Jessica Richer vs. Janie Konyek (155)

Nov. 8

UFC Fight Night – Uberlandia, Brazil (This will stream on UFC Fight Pass)

  • Nina Ansaroff vs. Juliana Lima (115)

Dragonhouse 18 – San Francisco, CA

  • Jillian Lybarger vs Jaimee Nievera (115)

UCMMA – England

  • Stacey Hayes vs. Lisa Mcallum (155)

Conflict MMA – North Carolina

  • Alexa Conners vs. Alyssa Vasquez (125)
  • Andy Nguyen vs. Charity Walker (125)

Nov. 9

RoadFC – Seoul, South Korea

  • Emi Tomimatsu vs. Hyo Kyung Sung (115)

Nov. 13

King of the Cage – Worley, ID

  • Amy Montenegro vs. Diana Rael (115)

Nov. 14

Legacy – Houston, TX (This will air on AXS TV)

  • Stephanie Alba vs Maria Lopez (105)

HK 39 – Canada

  • Katie Howard vs Kara Kirsh  (115)

Nov. 15

UFC 180 – Mexico City, Mexico (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Jessica Eye vs. Leslie Smith (135) 

Cage Warriors 74 – Londoin, England (This will stream on MMAJunkie.com)

  • Pannie Kianzad vs Agnieszka Niedwiedz – initial 135 title
  • Anna Elmose vs Emma Delaney (135)
  • Slavka Vitali vs Molly McCann (125)

PXC – Manila, Philippines

  • Cortney Casey vs. Gina Iniong (125)

WSOF 15 – Tampa, FL (This will air on NBC Sports Net)

  • Jessica Aguilar vs Kalindra Faria – 115 title

SCL: When Champions Collide – Denver, CO

  • Shannon Sinn vs Mercedes Mercury (125)

Sugar Creek Showdown – Hinton, OK

  • Amber Stautzenberger vs. Delaney Owens (115)
  • Jade DeHaas vs Anita Rodriguez (135)

Nov. 22

UFC Fight Night – Austin, TX (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Kailin Curran vs. Paige VanZant (115)

Shamrock FC: Destruction – St. Louis, MO

  • Rachael Smith vs Mary Ortega (115)

King of the Cage – Carlton, MN

  • Christina Jobe vs Leah Letson (135)

AFC – Australia

  • Lana Kate vs. Jessy Jess (135)

Nov. 29

Superior Challenge 11 – Södertälje, Sweden

  • Izabela Badurek vs Suvi Salmimies (125) 

It’s Lanna Time 2

  • Katharina Lehner vs Sandra Redegeld (135)
  • Ania Fucz vs Cinja Kiefer (125)


Dec. 3

PeruFC – Peru

  • Mariana Moraes vs Cristina Mejía (125)

Dec. 6

UFC 181 – Las Vegas, NV

  • Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington (135)

NAAFS – Parma, OH

  • Jessica Zomchik vs. Allanna Jones (135)



SGB – Ireland

  • Jaye Hayes vs. Sinead Kavanagh (135)

Dec. 13

UFC on Fox – Phoenix, AZ (This will air on Fox Sports 1)

  • Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jędrzejczyk (115)

Dec. 23

Real 1 – Tokyo, Japan

  • Gabi Gracia vs. Megumi Yabushita (hwt)

24 thoughts on “Upcoming/Results Female Fights – Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai

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  3. Hello from Germany,
    as a great fan of women fighting, i miss upcoming events and fights from “good old” Germany. We have here a mass of excellent events with very good women from countries all over the world.

    Thanks for your wonderfull support for all Female Fighters.

    • 2 examples in the very near futures: (all in green)

      Sept. 01

      Mix Fight Gala XIII – Frankfurt, Germany

      Ania Fucz vs Sarah Debaieb Rules K-1

      Sept. 18

      Amazon of K1 Grand Prix -66 kg Ruhrstadt – Arena Herne, Germany

      8 Women Tournament
      Julia Symannek, Martina Jindrowa, Hatice Özyurt, Lisa Schewe, Jorina Baars,
      Chrisoula Mirtsou, Anke van Gestel, Katrin Dirheimer.

      If you like to post more events and results of them in Germany, pleas e-mail me.

  4. InvictaFC5 (Apr. 4) on your list needs updating:
    Cris Cyborg now is scheduled to fight Ediane Gomes.
    Julia Budd now is scheduled to fight Fiona Muxlow
    River Jones vs. Lauren Barefoot is no longer scheduled.

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  12. Your report about Jazmine Quesada winning by decision in her bout against Stacy Sigala at Rocktagon MMA 28 is incorrect. It’s the other way around.

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  14. May 17th
    Cage of Honor
    Isle Casino Cape Girardeau, mo.

    Savannah Smith VS. Nora Hamilton ( 170 )

    got to bandlpromo.com and hit purchase tickets, then hit the tab above savannah smith and purchase a general admission. All others are sold out

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