Olympic Taekwondo Recap: Jones Retains; Galloway Takes Home Bronze

Great Britain’s Jade Jones became the second woman ever to defend her Taekowndo Olympic title.

Jones outscored her opponents 44-17 in what was a dominate 57kg tournament for her.

Wu Jingyu of China was unable to make a three-peat of her title, losing in the quarterfinals to eventual silver medalist Tijana Bogdanović of Serbia in the 49kg tournament. Korea’s Kim So-hui would take gold at 49kg.

So-hui wasn’t the only Korean to take home gold to the home country of Taekwondo. Oh Hye-ri defeated Haby Niaré of France in the 67kg finals.

Team USA didn’t go empty handed as Jackie Galloway took home the bronze medal at over 67kg. Galloway made it to the semi-finals, losing to silver medalist María Espinoza of Mexico. Galloway was an alternate on Mexico’s 2012 Olympic team.

Zheng Shuyin of China would take home the gold at over 67kg division. 

Here are the complete women’s 2016 Olympic Taekwondo results.

Gold Medalists in Bold 

49 kg

Kim So-hui – 49kg Gold Medlaist

Opening Round 

Iris Sing (BRA)  def. (7-5) Andrea Kilday (NZL)
Itzel Manjarrez (MEX)  def. (9-5) Rosa Keleku (COD)
Tijana Bogdanović(SRB) def. (3-2) Patimat Abakarova (AZE)
Wu Jingyu (CHN) @ def. (10-1) Huang Huai-hsuan (TPE)
Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA)  def. (18-6) Maria Andrade (CPV)
Kim So-hui (KOR)  def. (10-2) Julissa Diez Canseco (PER)
Yasmina Aziez (FRA)  def. (2-1) Monica Pimentel (ARU)
Lucija Zaninović (CRO) def. (18-7) Ainur Yesbergenova (KAZ)


Itzel Manjarrez (MEX) def. (14-4) Iris Sing (BRA)
Tijana Bogdanović (SRB)  def. (17-7) Wu Jingyu (CHN) @
Kim So-hui (KOR)  def. (6-5) Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA)
Yasmina Aziez (FRA) def. (4-3) Lucija Zaninović (CRO)


  • Tijana Bogdanović (SRB) def. (10-0) Itzel Manjarrez (MEX)
  • Kim So-hui (KOR) def. (1-0) Yasmina Aziez (FRA)


  • Patimat Abakarova (AZE) def. (4-3) Wu Jingyu (CHN) @
  • Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA) def. (4-2) Julissa Diez Canseco (PER)

Bronze Medal

  • Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA) def. (15-3) Itzel Manjarrez (MEX)
  • Patimat Abakarova (AZE) def. (7-2) Yasmina Aziez (FRA)


  • Kim So-hui (KOR) def. (7-6) Tijana Bogdanović (SRB)


  • Gold – Kim So-hui (KOR)
  • Silver – Tijana Bogdanović (SRB)
  • Bronze – Panipak Wongpattanakit (THA)
  • Bronze – Patimat Abakarova (AZE)

57 kg

Jade Jones – 57kg Gold Medalist

Opening Round

Suvi Mikkonen (FIN) def. (10-9) Júlia Vasconcelos (BRA)
Nikita Glasnović (SWE) def. (4-0) Caroline Marton (AUS)
Raheleh Asemani (BEL) def. (13-1) Carolena Carstens (PAN)
Jade Jones (GBR) @ def. (12-4) Hakima El-Meslahy (MAR)
Eva Calvo (ESP) def. (6-5) Phannapa Harnsujin (THA)
Kimia Alizadeh (IRI) def. (7-6) Ana Zaninović (CRO)
Mayu Hamada (JPN) def. (9-0) Rahma Ben Ali (TUN)
Hedaya Malak (EGY) def. (13-0) Doris Patiño (COL)


Nikita Glasnovi (SWE) def. (7-4) Suvi Mikkonen (FIN)
Jade Jones (GBR) @ def. (7-2) Raheleh Asemani (BEL)
Eva Calvo (ESP) def. (8-7) Kimia Alizadeh (IRI)
Hedaya Malak (EGY) def. (3-0) Mayu Hamada (JPN)


  • Jade Jones (GBR) @ def. (9-4) Nikita Glasnovi (SWE)
  • Eva Calvo (ESP) def. (1-0) Hedaya Malak (EGY)


  • Raheleh Asemani (BEL) def. (12-0) Hakima El-Meslahy (MAR)
  • Kimia Alizadeh (IRI) def. (14-10) Phannapa Harnsujin (THA)

Bronze Medal

  • Kimia Alizadeh (IRI) def. (5-0) Nikita Glasnovi (SWE)
  • Hedaya Malak (EGY) def. (1-0) Raheleh Asemani (BEL)


  • Jade Jones (GBR) @ def. (16-7) Eva Calvo (ESP)


  • Gold – Jade Jones (GBR)
  • Silver – Eva Calvo (ESP)
  • Bronze – Kimia Alizadeh (IRI)
  • Bronze – Hedaya Malak (EGY)

67 kg 

Oh Hye-ri
Oh Hye-ri – 67kg Gold medalist

Opening Round

Nur Tatar (TUR) def. (11-1) Carmen Marton (AUS)
Rabia Güleç (GER) def. (9-8) Anastasia Baryshnikova (RUS)
Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) def. (4-3) Seham El-Sawalhy (EGY)
Haby Niaré (FRA) def. (5-4) Aniya Louissant (HAI)
Nigora Tursunkulova (UZB) def. (2-2) Elin Johansson (SWE)
Farida Azizova (AZE) def. (6-5) Paige McPherson (USA)
Oh Hye-ri (KOR) def. (9-3) Melissa Pagnotta (CAN)
Chuang Chia-chia (TPE) def. (16-2) Cansel Deniz (KAZ)


Nur Tatar (TUR) def. (5-1) Rabia Güleç (GER)
Haby Niaré (FRA) def. (5-4) Ruth Gbagbi (CIV)
Farida Azizova (AZE) def. (5-1) Nigora Tursunkulova (UZB)
Oh Hye-ri (KOR) def. (21-9) Chuang Chia-chia (TPE)


  • Haby Niaré (FRA) def. (4-0) Nur Tatar (TUR)
  • Oh Hye-ri (KOR) def. (5-6) Farida Azizova (AZE)


  • Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) def. (7-2) Aniya Louissant (HAI)
  • Chuang Chia-chia (TPE) def. (4-1) Melissa Pagnotta (CAN)

Bronze Medal

  • Ruth Gbagbi (CIV)  def. (7-1) Farida Azizova (AZE)
  • Nur Tatar (TUR) def. (7-3) Chuang Chia-chia (TPE)


  • Oh Hye-ri (KOR) def. (13-12) Haby Niaré (FRA)


  • Gold – Oh Hye-ri (KOR)
  • Silver – Haby Niaré (FRA)
  • Bronze – Ruth Gbagbi (CIV)
  • Bronze – Nur Tatar (TUR)

Over 67 kg 

Zheng Shuyin 01
Zheng Shuyin – Over 67kg Gold Medalist

Opening Round

Jackie Galloway (USA) def. (5-0) Crystal Weekes (PUR)
Reshmie Oogink (NED) def. (7-1) Sorn Seavmey (CAM)
Wiam Dislam (MAR) def. (5-1) Katherine Rodríguez (DOM)
María Espinoza (MEX) def. (4-1) Kirstie Alora (PHI)
Zheng Shuyin (CHN) def. (2-0) Nisha Rawal (NEP)
Gwladys Épangue (FRA) def. (3-1) Mamina Koné (CIV)
Milica Mandić(SRB) @ def. (8-2) Tina Skaar (NOR)
Bianca Walkden (GBR) def. (14-1) Samantha Kassman (PNG)


Jackie Galloway (USA) def. (1-1) Reshmie Oogink (NED)
María Espinoza (MEX) def. (3-2) Wiam Dislam (MAR)
Zheng Shuyin (CHN) def. (4-1) Gwladys Épangue (FRA)
Bianca Walkden (GBR) def. (5-0) Milica Mandi (SRB) @


  • María Espinoza (MEX) def. (0-0) Jackie Galloway (USA)
  • Zheng Shuyin (CHN) def. (4-1) Bianca Walkden (GBR)


  • Wiam Dislam (MAR) def. (7-5) Kirstie Alora (PHI)
  • Gwladys Épangue (FRA) def. (4-3) Nisha Rawal (NEP)

Bronze Medal

  • Jackie Galloway (USA) def. (2-1) Gwladys Épangue (FRA)
  • Bianca Walkden (GBR) def. Wiam Dislam (MAR)


  • Zheng Shuyin (CHN) def. (5-1) María Espinoza (MEX)


  • Gold – Zheng Shuyin (CHN)
  • Silver – María Espinoza (MEX)
  • Bronze – Jackie Galloway (USA)
  • Bronze – Bianca Walkden (GBR)

OLYMPIC Wrestling RECAP: Japan Continues Dominance; Maroulis Takes first US Gold

Japan took home four golds at the 2016 Olympics, solidifying their position as the best female freestyle wrestling team on the planet.

Now four time Olympic champion Kaori Icho lead the charge, defeating Valeria Koblova of Russia in the finals 3-2 in 58kg finals. Icho dropped in weight from winning gold in 2012, in which she won gold at 63kg. Continue reading OLYMPIC Wrestling RECAP: Japan Continues Dominance; Maroulis Takes first US Gold

Olympic Boxing Recap: Shields and Adams Repeat; Mossely Takes Gold

claress sheilds 2016 02

Flint, Michigan’s Claressa Shields continues her dominance as the best amateur female boxer at 75kg. She became the first US boxer male or female to repeat as a gold medalist as she defeated Netherlands’s  Nouchka Fontijn Sunday in an unanimous decision in the 75kg finals at the 2016 Olympic Games. At age 21, we won’t be surprised if she tries for the trifecta in 2020 in Tokyo. Continue reading Olympic Boxing Recap: Shields and Adams Repeat; Mossely Takes Gold

Rizin Announces Three Female Bouts for September Card

On Monday, Japan’s Rizin promotion announced who will face stars Gabi Garcia, RENA, and Kanako Murata on September 25th in Tokyo, Japan.

Garcia (2-0) will face track star and semi-pro football Destanie Yarbrough (1-0). Garcia is a world champion in BJJ and grappling, and has been training striking with Cyborg Justino.  Yarbrough is coming off a 0:33 TKO win in April, and currently plays for Women’s Football Alliance’s Cal Wart Angels.

RENA (1-0 MMA) draws world champion wrestler Miyu Yamamoto in her MMA debut. The Shootbox champion RENA was impressive in her MMA debut with a flying armbar win this past New years Eve. Yamamoto earned three world championships in freestyle wrestling and is part of a family of wrestling champions.

A familiar face to American fans as Kyra Batara (5-3) will make her debut in Japan taking on fellow grappler Kanako Murata .(3-0). Batara is on a three fight winning streak since coming to Combate Americas, two by TKO. The 10th Planet practitioner will have a tough test in Murata, who has racked up two straight TKO wins of her own. She was a national junior champion in wrestling.

No word as of yet if the matches will air or stream.

2016 Olympic Judo Recap: Harrison Repeats & Calls it a Career

Seven gold medals were handed out in Judo the first week of the 2016 Olympics, with only one back to back champion.

Team USA’s Kayla Harrision finished in all of matches, with two armbar wins in the process. She defeated France’s Audrey Tcheumeo with one being in finals to win her second 78 kg gold. Continue reading 2016 Olympic Judo Recap: Harrison Repeats & Calls it a Career

Alexa Grasso Signs to the UFC; Faces Heather Clark in Mexico

The hottest strawweight prospect on the InvictaFC roster has finally made it to the UFC.

Undefeated Alexa Grasso (8-0) will fight in her home country of Mexico as she faces Heather Clark (7-5) at UFC Fight Night Mexico City November 5th. The match was reported by several news outlets Thursday, with her teammate Irene Aldana confirming the match on twitter.

Grasso is coming off a win over Jodie Esquibel at Invicta FC 18 this past month. With the win, Grass earned a title shot against champion Angela Hill, but has foregone it to get called up by the UFC.

Clark is coming off a loss to Karolina Kowalkiewicz after back to back wins on her official record.

The match will air on Fox Sports 1.


Wombat Watercooler August 4th

Cyborg Justino’s next fight will be in the UFC.

After wanting to defend her InvictaFC title next, she turned down a possible fight with Germaine de Randamie. The UFC, who still holds Justino’s contract, has other ideas. MMA Junkie is reporting up and coming fighter Lina Lansberg (see above) of Sweden will face Cyborg at UFC Fight Night 95 in Brasilia, Brazil September 24th. Continue reading Wombat Watercooler August 4th

InvictaFC 18 Primer

Invicta heads back to home base in Kansas City, Missouri for the first time since September with their 18th offering.

For the first time, a title won’t be defended on an InvictaFC card but a new #1 contenders will be determined in the main event. Alexa Grasso returns to Invicta as she takes on Jodie Esquibel to determine a number 1 contender for the strawweight title. Continue reading InvictaFC 18 Primer

Frausto vs. Graf Announced for Glory Kickboxing 33

The third quarterfinal match in the Glory Kickboxing Bantamweight (122 pound) tournament.

Bellator MMA tournament champion Zoila Frausto (4-0 kickboxing;) will face Germany’s Daniela Graf (23-5-1 kickboxing/Muay Thai) in Trenton New Jersey on the promotion’s 33rd card September 9th. Glory announced the match Friday night. Continue reading Frausto vs. Graf Announced for Glory Kickboxing 33

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