Boxer Mia St. John Goes Old School and Calls out Christy Martin at a Press Conference

With the advent of social media, people have been doing their call outs through twitter and Facebook. Mia St. John decided to kick it old school.

First St. John  St. John appeared on TMZ to state that she beat up champion Christy Martin in their first encounter in 2002, but due to the judges being in Martin’s back pocket she got a bum decision. (See video below.)

Then to drive her point home, St. John showed up at the press conference in Los Angeles, where it was announced that Martin would rematch Dakota Stone for the WBC title.  St. John was announced to be facing the winner, and St. John gave a few verbal jabs to Martin, and visa versa. (See video below.)

This will probably be the most anticipated rematch in women’s boxing history, but St. John has to hope Martin gets by Stone.

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