Tiffany Van Soest Wins her Kickboxing Match in Vegas

Tiffany Van Soest (9-1-1 kickboxing) got her biggest win to date this past weekend in Vegas.

Van Soest faced Ukranian champions Lena “Hunter” Ovchynnikova, who replaced China’s Cong Wang in a Muay Thai bout at the Las Vegas Hilton. Van Soest went to war with Ovchynnikova and after two rounds, Ovchynnikova sat on her stool in her corner stated “Ні більше ” (That’s Ukrainian for “no more”).

Update – Ovchynnikova actually broke her hand in round 2, leading to not be able to continue.

No word on when Van Soest next fight is.

2 thoughts on “Tiffany Van Soest Wins her Kickboxing Match in Vegas”

  1. This is a regular pattern emerging when Ovchynnikova loses. Before the fight she complains about weight difference. Then when she loses, it is always because she has broken something. Against Theiss, apparently she broke her ribs. Now she has broken her hand. I’ll believe it when I see the X-ray.

    Ovchynnikova appears to be a cash cow, with looks that outweight her heart.

    1. Well, in both those cases there was an almost 8 lbs difference. What are weight classes for if not to prevent this sort of thing?

      The real problem here is that Lena needs to stop taking fights with that much weight difference, because she ends up getting hurt.

      As for proof she had to pull out of a fight in Europe. I seriously doubt she’d go that far just to make excuses for loosing one fight.

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