Fighters Speak Out on Skirts

Zoila Gurgel in her skirt facing Miesha Tate in Strikeforce in 2010 - Courtesy Ester Linn

I got a lot of responses to my editorial on skirts in fighting, many of them from fighters who prefer wearing them.

“I wouldn’t mind wearing the skirt as long as it wasn’t mandatory,” MMA fighter Elaina Maxwell explained. “Not all the women want to wear a skirt, and I just want the choice as to whether or not I want to wear it. I think the men would appreciate the choice as well.”

Skirts have been a tradition throughout the Muay Thai community for both men and women since the sport was started centuries ago. Several organizations ask for some traditions to be upheld for both the men and women equally.

In sports such as kickboxing and MMA, the over whelming response is that the skirt is more of a fashion statement for fighters.

“I just thought my skirt was cute,” kickboxer Roxy Richardson commented. “Muay Thai shorts are not really flattering, ya know? My particular type of skirt is kind of my trademark. My girls sometimes wear it when they fight too.”

“When I first saw the gladiator skirt in a Muay Thai fight, I knew right off the bat that that would be my signature, especially since my fight name was ‘Warrior Princess’,” Bellator MMA fighter Zoila Gurgel explained. “I had to bring the princess in everyone of my fights so the skirt was perfect.”

Gurgel has worn the skirt in both kickboxing and MMA and does say there are advantages and disadvantages in her choice.

“Advantages to wearing the skirt is it keeps me able to strike like crazy, especially kicks and high kicks. Not to mention the skirt makes the striking look awesome,” Gurgel continued. “Disadvantages – if the fight hits the ground, the skirt gets pretty messy, but in all my fights I haven’t been on the ground for more than 6-7 minutes in 12 fights.”

All seem to be in agreement that skirts shouldn’t be mandatory in any fighting sport.

“I don’t think skirts should ever be mandatory, or any type of outfit, within reason,” Richardson added. “I see clothes and fighter wear as an expression of style. No one should be forced to rock a certain style, it should always be a choice, especially for fighters who need to create an image for themselves which will help distinguish them and gain sponsorships and fans.”

More of the younger girls in fighting sports do not want to wear a skirt as a personal preference, but there will be some that will want to wear them to suit their personalities. Like them or loathe them, Maxwell sums it up best.

“I like wearing a skirt because I’m not afraid to be a woman in a male-dominant sport.”

One thought on “Fighters Speak Out on Skirts”

  1. I love rocking my tussle skirt! I love the mobility. Plus I find them cute. Im not a girly girl by any means but to me they are fun. 🙂 only problem I have is getting a little twisted up in it on the ground.

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