Post-Fight Interview with Bushido Champ Yana Kunitskaya

Courtesy Bushido MMA

#7 Unified ranked 145 pounder Yana Kunitskaya solidified her status defeating Arune Lauzeckaite with a TKO via ground and pound in round 1 this past Saturday in Lithuania. The Bushido women’s champion talked to us post fight about her win, and where she is going next.


Wombat Sports: How do you think the fight went?

Yana Kunitskaya: The fight went well. Everything went as planned. I’m happy that I was able to finish her. Even though I would have enjoyed if the fight were a bit longer. I had trained hard leading up to the bout, and once it was all over I still had all my energy and strength.

Wombat: Your opponent looked a bit heavier than you – were you expecting that?

Kunitskaya: Yes I was fully aware of my opponent’s attributes, skills and talents. I believe she came in at 78kg, but after the fight I also heard she weighed 88 kg. Either way it was not a problem for me. I knew what I was dealing with and I knew what I had to do. And I did it.

W.S.: Being the Bushido champ, are they planning on you defending the title anytime soon? Any other fights lined up?

Y.K.: Yes, soon I’ll be back in the ring, it is quite possible that it will be Moscow. As well I am negotiating with other organizations. My management, Scott Grant Promotions is also working on getting me into the North American scene where all the best competition is.

W.S.: Is their possibility of Bushido flying in opponents from the U.S.?

Y.K.: I think that there is, to bring the fighter out of the state is problematic for the organization, especially a girl.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank?

Y.K.: I would like to thank my fans, to all who helped me prepare and supported me. Thanks to my sponsors and organizers of the tournament.


Special thanks to Yana Kunitskaya’s management Scott Grant Promotions for making her available for the interview. She is currently looking for sponsors and you can contact her management on Facebook – and on Twitter – @ScottGrantSGP.

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