Interview – Nevada Amateur MMA Fighter Nora Lopez

Becoming a MMA fighter sometimes takes time to see where you fit in; and Nevada’s Nora Lopez is no exception.

Currently 3-1 as an amateur; Lopez started her career in 2009, but took a break until last month, whe she got her latest win via a first round keylock at Gladiator’s Challenge MMA in Elko, NV. Originally fighting as heavy as 150 pounds, she has since dropped 20 pounds to fight at a more natural weight of 120.

We got a chance to talk to Lopez about her return to the cage and her career as a female fighter.


Wombat Sports:  How did you start in MMA?

Nora Lopez: I always enjoyed watching boxing but at the time there were no real gyms or coaches that I knew who would train me at the time.

I started dating this guy named Alex and he would go an help out this guy in town who trained fighters who fought in Susanville. He showed me a couple of submissions and I just picked them up like glue. I practiced them on my little brother and when Alex had asked me if i still knew those submissions. I told him yes and he was impressed.  He introduced me to Jay and from there he was impressed and they helped me prepare for my first fight.

Wombat:  Did you do any sports in high school?

Lopez: In junior high I was involved in softball and basketball. Once in high school I quit because I didn’t have the proper grades at the time.

W.S.:  You have four MMA matches under your belt. Have you learned a lot from the matches?

N.L.: I have been more relaxed. When you are in the cage, the clearer you see during the fight. I’ve come to realize you can become a good fighter with just believing in yourself and working hard. The majority of my opponents have been more experienced an advanced then myself but I’ve managed to go in as an under dog and come out as a winner.

W.S.: Northern Nevada is starting to develop a solid MMA scene – do you see more females from your area taking up the sport?

N.L.: Not any time soon since Elko doesn’t have any MMA gyms here available. But I hope to inspire women to get involved later on, as for now I’m the only female fighter for my town.

W.S.: Is there anyone you are looking up to in MMA?

N.L.: Gina Corano and Chris Cyborg they have an amazing fighting style and both have worked hard to show that women can too play the game as well as men do in this sport.

W.S.:  Any idea on when you’ll be fighting next?

N.L.: I might be fighting in February or March. I still need to contact Gladiator Challenge. Just trying to work my way up in the sport and hope to make a name out of myself.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank?

N.L.: I would like to thank Alex Martinez for noticing my gift and skills. He has stuck by my side to help me train and prepare for my fights. Also everyone else that has taken a part one day or another to show me what they know. I appreciate and am thankful for their time on teaching me something new.

4 thoughts on “Interview – Nevada Amateur MMA Fighter Nora Lopez”

  1. She is a amazing fighter and older sister i see her getting very far in this love her and hope is she keeps it up 🙂

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