Interview – Strikeforce’s Alexis Davis Talks About her Position in the Bantemweight Division

As much as Ronda Rousey, Miesha Tate, and Sarah Kaufman has had their say this week on where they stand in contention for the Strikeforce 135 pound title; there is a fourth person that can also state she deserves her shot.

The #4 ranked Alexis Davis is on a three fight win streak; and has won both of her Strikeforce fights; including a win over Strikeforce 145 pound title contender Amanda Nunes.

We got a chance to get Davis take on the division; what her expectations are, and her argument for a world title shot.


Wombat Sports: You are coming off of two Strikeforce wins – how does it feel to be in contention for the title?

Alexis Davis: It feels great to be a top contender for the title. But I keep feeling that I’m just one step away, no matter what my outcome was for the previous fight.

Wombat: What are your thought on how the Strikeforce bantamweight division as it stands now?

Davis: Well the Bantamweights are certainly getting a lot of press, which is good for women’s MMA. Whats that saying: ‘Any press is good press!’

Lets face it, it’s the division to be in. It’s stacked, there are some of the world’s best fighters in there. And it seems to be where the media has focused since the Cyborg vs. Carano fight.

W.S.: What do you think of Rousey’s run in MMA?

A.D.: I can say she great at playing the game. Since Miesha last fight everyone one has been looking for something to draw there attention. And there she was, with bells on ready to jump in front of the camera. And lets face it she does it well, or we wouldn’t be talking about it now.

But as a fighter, sure she has talent. But i don’t think she’s ready or has even paid her dues for a title shot. Miesha had to work her way up, Sarah has and I have. This is not a division were we are fighting for top contenders like the 145lb, there is a huge line up.

W.S.: There has been talk of you facing Rousey to take on the winner of Tate-Kaufman. What are your thoughts on facing her?

A.D.: I have no problem facing her. Obviously I would rather fight Miesha because she the one holding the gold. But then again wouldn’t we all, I think thats the problem.

W.S.: Another scenario is that you face Tate for the belt now with Kaufman and Rousey fighting for the shot. Do you feel ready to face the champ now?

A.D.: Of coarse I would love that scenario. And I would jump at the chance for a title shot. I am ready!!

W.S.: Kaufman has been sitting on the shelf and with the many scenarios this situation has started, you might not see a match until mid-2012. If for some reason if there is no matches between Rousey, Tate, or Kaufman available; are you willing to face another fighter just so you can have a fight?

A.D.: For sure!! But I feel like its just putting me a step back. There is only a short list of fighters who I would love to have a chance to fight. Like Coenen, I have a lot of respect for her and would love to see her back.

W.S.: You, like Tate, are looking to avenge a loss to Kaufman. Are you looking forward to facing her sometime in 2012?

A.D.: I would definitely look forward to facing Sarah again in the future. Sometimes I think she almost has just as big of a target as when she was champion.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank?

I would like to thank everyone who supported me, my family, friends and fans. And to WMMA fans everywhere!


You can follow Alexis Davis on twitter – @AlexisDavisMMA

One thought on “Interview – Strikeforce’s Alexis Davis Talks About her Position in the Bantemweight Division”

  1. Alexis Davis might be the most underrated MMA fighter at this level of competition. Her victory over Nunes was dominating. She showed Nunes what it means to fight against a genuine championship contender.

    However, Davis will not be successful as long as Sarah Kaufman is in her division. Neither she, nor hardly anyone else, can deal with the elite punching skills of Kaufman. Sarah is so talented a striker that I believe that she could enter a weight class in professional boxing right now and emerge as a champion.

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