Video – Watch Megumi Fujii Get Win #25

Courtesy Taro Irei/

She is the most successful woman in MMA and you could find few (if any) people that aren’t a fan in the women’s MMA community.

Megumi Fujii fulfilled a long term goal this past weekend fighting on the DREAM MMA card, wanting to fight on one of the biggest holidays in Japan; New Years Eve.  She faced Spaniard Karla Benitez , who could be a front runner for best ring entrance this year. Mega Megu finished her off with her 13th armbar submission of her career. The “Queen of the Quick Kill” also racked up her 15th first round finish.

Here is a translation of Fujii’s post fight speech, courtesy Roxanne Moddafferi:

“Good evening. I’m Megumi Fuiji, 37 years old.”


“I started Judo when I was three years old, and continued martial arts ever since. Today, I have fulfilled my dream of standing here before you on this stage. It’s thanks to the hard work and effort of female fighters and everyone else involved in women’s MMA that I’m able to be here.”

“I’m so thankful from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to support women’s MMA. Thank you very much! “

Bellator is working on getting Fujii back here to the states with a possible showdown with Jessica Aguilar sometime this year.

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