One Armed Female Fighter States She Can Beat Ronda Rousey

With what seems to be an unstoppable force in MMA in Ronda Rousey, one fighter states she has the tools to stop the phenom. It’s not what she has, but what she lacks.

Nichole “Armed and Dangerous” Jewell (currently 3-0 in amateur MMA) has shocked the female MMA world by beating her opponents with just one arm. All of her victories have been by spinning back fist KOs in the first round.

“Never underestimate the power of a one armed girl,” Jewell told us. “It only takes one fist to knockout someone.”

Jewell’s fights haven’t been seen on video because most of her matches are in Lancaster, PA where they don’t allow cameras. She actually prefers it that way.

“I really don’t want my opponents to see it coming,” Jewell explained. “If they want to study me, they can take their asses to Amish country.”

Jewell’s ultimate aspirations is to come to Strikeforce to take the belt away from Ronda Rousey. She doesn’t have a total dislike for the champ, but does have a small beef.

“When I issue a threat I mean it,” Jewell exclaimed. “One time a local female fighter and her boyfriend tried to cut in line at a movie theater and I beat both of them with my shoe.”

When it comes to her game plan against the champ, Jewell says mobility with only one arm is key.

“Look at that one armed guy from XFC,” Jewell recounted. “He moves very fast with just one arm and is very hard to submit. When I face Rousey, what is she going to do anyhow? Take my other arm?”

Jewell is looking to turn pro on Dec. 21, 2012, seeing that the Mayans have foretold that she need to turn pro and start taking over the MMA world then.



4 thoughts on “One Armed Female Fighter States She Can Beat Ronda Rousey”

  1. I didn’t catch on until the bit about the movie theater started sounding a little too familiar. Then I was like oh yeah it’s April 1st.

    Hilarious article. It makes me wonder if Ronda would actually armbar a one armed opponent or if she’d show a bit of mercy.

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