Invicta Announces Revolutionary Weigh-in Policy

Invicta is not just about revolutionizing the women’s divisions, but MMA as a whole.

This is true of their weigh-in procedure for their first ever event. In what has been a small epidemic of missed weights by MMA fighters in general, the promotion is being pro active and more strict than promotions like the UFC and Bellator.

In details released to MMA Rising last week, Invicta co-owner Shannon Knapp announced the process.

  • Thursday (the day before the weigh-ins) when fighters arrive in Kansas City, they will be brought to the scales for a test weigh-in.
  • Any competitors who are significantly above their targeted fight weight will be advised to begin cutting weight immediately.
  • If a fighter misses weight the following day at the official weigh-ins, she will forfeit 10% of her purse to her opponent
  •  If she is unable to make weight on a second attempt, the penalty will increase to 25%.
  • There will be no “catchweight” bouts on their cards; if both miss weight their bout is set at the weight class above it

Knapp is looking for the new policies to legitimize divisions and keep the fighters more professional.

The official weigh-ins will be streamed live on Friday afternoon April 27 at 6 p.m. eastern/3 p.m. pacific on and the event will be streamed live on Saturday at 8 p.m. eastern/5 p.m. pacific.

9 thoughts on “Invicta Announces Revolutionary Weigh-in Policy”

  1. so.. if one fighter misses on the 2nd attempt, they loose 25%, and the fight is not at a chatchweight? what is it then? i see if both miss it’s the next one up, which makes sense, but if only 1 misses?

  2. Interesting, but how can a bout not be at a catch weight, if only 1 fighter misses weight on the 2nd attempt? will it still be considered a fight at the weigth class above?

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