Joanne Calderwood Get Win at SFL Despite Opponent’s Dirty Tactics

Joanne Calderwood’s second win in MMA will be a memorable for more than the obvious reasons.

Calderwood got the unanimous decision victory over Lena Ovchynnikova at the Super Fight League 3 in New Dehli, India Sunday. The win came with some dirty fighting on the part of Ovchynnikova.

After a dominate ground game by Calderwood in round 1 with an armbar and triangle attempt, she continued her dominance in round 2. She was able to get Ovchynnikova in a rear naked choke, but Ovchynnikova was able to fight out of it. During a second ground session, Ovchynnikova was warned several times before finally being deducted a point for holding the fence.

In the third round, Ovchynnikova headbutted Calderwood during the grappling battle (see video below at 3:20 in) and then she bit Calderwood as Calderwood was attempting to go for the rear naked choke (see video below – at 4:10 in).

Calderwood told us that she was waving to the ref about the bite, but the ref told her to keep going. Calderwood took a picture of the bite mark post fight. Ovchynnikova last opponent Sanja Sucevic confirmed that she was also bit in their fight.

Despite all this, Calderwood got a dominate unanimous decision victory;  30-26 on all cards.

Nor word on when Calderwood’s next fight will be, but don’t be surprises for her and Sucevic to face each other in the SFL in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Joanne Calderwood Get Win at SFL Despite Opponent’s Dirty Tactics”

  1. Unfortunately, Lena’s MMA Record has been padded, as she has fought nobodies up to this point. She is just a cash cow due to her boobs.

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