Rin Nakai Becomes Queen of Pancrase Under Unusual Circumstances

Courtesy Frank Posen Big Bad Blog
Courtesy Frank Pozen Big Bad Blog

In what has been a weird turn of events at Pancrase Saturday, Rin Nakai has become the promotion’s first bantamweight Queen by defeating Danielle West by unanimous decision.

At the weigh-ins Friday, West came in 1.2 kg (2.6 pounds) over, but was able to re-weigh at 1 kg (2.2 pounds). West would blame not having an extra day in Japan to help cut weight as part of the problem. After some negotiation, West gave up $1000 of her purse and if she won the match, would not gain the title. Pancrase officials also took the extra step that knees and the guillotine choke would not be available to West, but would be to Nakai.

Nakai would win the first 2 rounds of their fight Saturday, with West taking round 3. In the end, the scores were 30-30, 29-28, & 29-28. Although this would have been a majority decision, but in Japan, each judge must decided a winner. The undecided judge ruled in favor of Nakai. Nakai becomes Pancrase’s first Bantamweight Queen by unanimous decision, improving her record to 13-0-1.

We are hearing video will be posted in the next few days of the match.


4 thoughts on “Rin Nakai Becomes Queen of Pancrase Under Unusual Circumstances”

  1. There’s been a lot of ranting about Danielle’s treatment as a result of her weight but she was unprofessional to arrive above weight. Anyway, if you look at the fight, did the rule changes really make any difference apart from one fairly harmless knee from Rin? Both fighters were cautious. Rin didn’t want to trade with Danielle and Danielle didn’t want to get too close to avoid being taken down by the superior wrestler. Although Danielle was the better fighter in the 3rd round, Rin controlled the ground well enough in the first 2 to win the fight. She just kept well away in the 3rd. It was a tactical fight and would probably have been the same regardless of the furore surrounding it. Rin looks like she is capable of a lot better but her height and reach could cause her problems against higher class opponents in the 135lb category. With her wrestling ability and lifelong judo background, she has to be taken seriously though.

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