Gaza Off LegacyFC Card, Yasmine Reguera-Gonzalez to Replace


Jordan Gaza announced she has pulled herself off of the LegacyFC card this coming Friday on AXS TV due to ta family matter.

Gaza told Wombat Sports that her father, who corners her for every fight, has fell ill and she didn’t want to fight without him there. She will still fight for LegacyFC Feb. 1. In her place,  Yasmine Reguera-Gonzalez will take on Lisa Marie Lamb.

From what we have researched, this will be Gonzalez’s first ever MMA. She trains with former UFC fighter Pete Spratt at Rodrigo Pinheiro BJJ in San Antonio, Texas.

As reported last week,  Lamb will be making her pro debut after a nearly 8 year absence from MMA. Lamb had a majority decision loss in her only amateur bout in 2005, and was set to fight in July; but the match was cancelled. She is an accomplished boxer, touting a 6-6 record in the pro ranks, has never been finished in the sweet science.

The match will air live on AXS TV Friday Dec. 14.


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