January 2013 Rankings – Eye Atop of the Flyweights


The New Year comes a new #1 in the Unified Flyweight rankings. With her submission victory over Zoila Gurgel at Bellator, Jessica Eye propels herself to the top of the 125 list. With Aisling Daly’s loss to Katja Kankaanpää on New Years Eve, “The Bash” drops off the list, shifting Munah Holland (now #8) and Tonya Evinger (now #9) up a spot; with the undefeated Brenda Gonzales entering at #10.

In the strawweights, Felice Herrig pushed to the #5 spot after her win over Patricia Vidonic at Bellator. Vidonic drops off the list. Due to inactivity, Seo Hee Ham also drops off the list. Entering the top ten is December JEWELS title challenger Emi Fujino (#9) and Mizuki Inoue (#10).

Finally, the atomweights have some shifting in the middle portion of the ranks. Yasuko Tamada, after her win over the former #10 ranked Satomi Takano at JEWELS, moves up two spots to #5. Takano drops off the top 10. Stepahnie Frausto drops a spot to #6. Misaki Takimoto drops off the rankings due to inactivity. Diana Rael (now #7), Sadae Numata (nee Sumzuura; now #8) move up a spot. Amy Davis (#9) and Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc (#10) both re-enter the rankings.

With InvictaFC 4 the first week of January, expect a lot of shifting coming into February.

You can see the complete January 2013 Rankings here

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