Future Stars – Morgan Becker

morgan becker 01At the age of 15, Morgan Becker is not only training MMA, but is on her high school wrestling team. She has been training for MMA for the past two years, and has won several local NAGA grappling competitions

Her kickboxing is so strong, her coaches at Team Warrior Concepts in Springfield, Illinois are already looking for fights.

Training with pro featherweight Tamikka Brents, Becker has started the path to be a triple threat in MMA. We talked to her about her future.


Wombat Sports: What got you interested in getting involved in combat sports?

Morgan Becker: My family has always watching fighting on TV so it’s always been in my life. I’m also extremely competitive and fighting, MMA, is the most competitive sport I’ve found.

Wombat: What do you enjoy about it?

Becker: I really love that unlike in a team sport, in MMA your team gets you ready, but when it comes down to it, you’re the one going and putting it out there. It’s me against them and it comes down to who worked harder and is the better fighter.

W.S.: How have your friends and classmates reacted to it?

M.B.: At first my friends were a little unsure about it only because they couldn’t see me punching people. I’m a nice person so that was a foreign notion to them. But when they realized that I was serious about it and loved it they were completely supportive.

W.S.: How about your family?

M.B.: My family from the beginning has been super supportive. In the beginning when I was getting my butt kicked every practice, my mom would look at me and tell me that there is nothing wrong with getting beat by someone better than you. You have to learn from it and go back and get better. I’ve always tried to keep that in mind, every practice. Now I feel like I can say I’m beating some people, but I will always keep getting better.

W.S.: Who do you look up to in fighting?

M.B.: Of course one person I’ve looked up to since even before I started fighting is my teammate Tamikka Brents. She’s been a huge influence and an amazing teacher for me. But I also look up to my Coach Scott Ward whose guidance has been second to none. He’s really helped me improved in this sport.

W.S.: How do you feel about the future of females in MMA?

M.B.: I think the future of females in MMA has a lot in store for it. I know it’s pretty new right now, but I think that now that the seed has been placed in people’s minds of ‘man, that chick fight was really awesome,’ I think it’s going to really take off. I can’t wait to see the popularity rise and see more people appreciate and respect female fighters the way they should be.

morgan becker 02

W.S.: What comes naturally to you in fighting?

M.B.: What comes naturally to me in fighting I think is the jiu-jitsu or ground game portion of it. I don’t know what it is, but it has always just clicked and it might just be because I’ve always enjoyed it a lot from the beginning.

W.S.: What have you found difficult?

M.B.: I guess what I’ve found most difficult is when we spar, like kickboxing. I know I end up going with a lot of great fighters who do have fights under their belts where I don’t. It’s rough, but I know it’s going to make me better so I try to learn from every opponent.

W.S.: What are your aspirations in fighting?

M.B.: I would hope to obviously continue to improve my overall game and start fighting when I turn 18. I want to make my name in this sport, to be someone that people think of when they think of Women’s MMA. I think it’s possible with hard work and dedication because I’ve got an amazing team to help me get there.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank/add?

M.B.: I’d like to thank my family at home and my awesome fight family at Team Warrior Concepts for always believing in my and supporting me. Love you guys! Thanks to Tamikka Brents for amazingly choosing to work with me over all the other amazing fighters in the gym. I don’t think I can find the words to say how much that means to me. Thanks to Scot and Jen Ward for helping me get in shape and for pushing me towards your MMA classes. There are so many people I owe thanks to and I hope they all know that I appreciate them. Thank you Team Warrior Concepts for teaching me that hard work really does pay off!

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