WMMA Awards 2012 Inspiration Fighter of the Year Winner – Megumi Fujii

BGNmtEqCMAAFNPKThe WMMA Awards continues it’s tradition of recognizing those fighters that inspire the current and newer generations of fighters. In January, the committee decided to give the  “Mighty Mia Hayes” Inspirational Fight of the Year Award to a true legend in the sport, Megumi Fujii.

Having won 22 straight fights, a very rare feat in MMA period, Fujii has yet to tapped, submitted, or knocked out. The original “Arm Collector” has 13 armbars to her credit, the most in the women’s division.

Having no discouraging words towards her opponents, Fujii is a prime example of an athlete of a class and poise. Her aggression inside the MMA battlefield is only matched by her friendly demeanor outside of it.

Fujii has mentored several fighters in her native Japan, including Strikeforce vet Hitomi Akano, and undefeated InvictaFC and JEWELS fighter Ayaka Hamasaki. She has also helped ex-patriot Roxanne Modafferi.

In the U.S., Fujii has been a role model to many fighters, including current #1 strawweight Jessica Aguilar. For long time fans of the sport, Fujii is the pinnacle of what the sport is all about.

“When the young fighters of today are grown and are competing in FMMA, there will be mention of a fighter from the past, one female who helped blaze a trail and set a standard for all to dream and train to be like,” WMMA Legacy Award winner Sam Wilson stated. ” Megumi will never leave FMMA as her name, her record and her inspiration will live forever in the young fighters growing to be the best in the World. Megumi has shown us, it is not the size of the fighter, but the heart in the fighter. She will be the legend, the hero, the inspiration for many to follow.”

Fujii posted on her blog that she’s like to thank her family and friends for being supportive in her fighting endeavors. She also thanked her coach Josh Barnett.

You can watch a highlight video of Megumi Fujii below.

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