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sangre mgmt

Run by InvictaFC fighter Nicdali Rivera-Colonac and Juan Lanza, Sangre Management brings experience and a diverse background to helping fighters.

Lanza brings a marketing background to the table, while Colonac has a business background in the sport, having manage her own career over the past seven years. They manage several fighters including former boxing champ Stacy Reile, and veteran MMA fighter Lynn Alvarez.

You can check out Sangre Management by going to their facebook page. You can also follow them on twitter.


Wombat Sports: Can you tell us a little about yourself? How long you have been a manager, background in the business, some of your clients, ect….

Juan Lanza: I’m based out of Brooklyn, New York. My background is pretty diverse. I’ve built and maintained websites for companies (including original graphic art and writing). I’ve worked in sales and marketing. I think its these areas that are my strength and with Nicdali’s experience in this business. We make a formidable duo.

I personally didn’t get into WMMA until maybe 3-4 yrs back first as a fan. I started doing WMMA interviews, which segued into side jobs with fighters. It wasn’t till I met Nicdali Rivera Calanoc that everything took a turn. I interviewed her and a simple 20 minute interview turned into an 1 hour plus convo. We clicked & stayed in contact. She hasn’t been one for management and has done pretty much her career on her own. So I suggested well you manage yourself, you know the business, why not start a management company?

“Let’s make the management you would like to have.”

So we partnered up and started Sangre, and 2 years plus later here we are. We have prospects in the UK like Liana Tunmer, We’ve also worked with Stacy Reile aka Staylo former WIBF Champ. Just started working with Alyssa “GI.Jane” Vasquez a US Army Staff Sargent, an American wrestler by the name of Chelsea Bailey as well as Lynn Alvarez.

Wombat: What, in your opinion, does a manger do?

Lanza: We are part sales man, part personal assistant, and part psychiatrist lol.

W.S.: What are three qualities you like to see in a potential client?

J.L.: Passion, good work ethic, and a level head on their shoulders.

W.S.: What are three qualities you feel make a great manager?

J.L.: Dedication, ability to listen and ability to talk.

W.S.: Many fighters have stated that they have bad experiences with managers and have simply done a lot of the duties of a manager themselves. Why should they reconsider getting manager?

J.L.: Especially with circumstances as of late a brighter light has been shined on managers personally and professionally. So, I can only speak for myself when I say – a good manager takes care of his fighter so that all they need worry about is getting up going to the gym and getting their game on. As well as he/she needs to listen to them cause in the end you are working for them.

W.S.: Female fighters in general have more demands than males. What specifically qualifies you to manager female fighters?

J.L.: Laugh if you will.. I’m the youngest of 3. I have two older sisters, we were raised by our grandmother and mother. So I know what it’s like to deal with strong women. Plus having Nicdali as a partner her experience is invaluable. She’s been managing fighters from her gym since 2008.

W.S.: What is your ethical responsibilities as a manger? Are you willing to put it in writing?

J.L.: I take it seriously, I am more than a manager I see myself as a big brother . These are my sisters I have to look out for. like my own sisters I want what’s best for them in all aspects. I would gladly put it in writing or proudly wear it on a shirt.

W.S.: What are your expectations in a client?

J.L.: This is their dream that they are working for, I can help steer, direct, assist on the journey but in the end, my efforts are only amplified by their own. So I’ll do my part but they have to do theirs.

W.S.: What is your philosophy when it comes to how many clients you have?

J.L.: Simple if I can’t effectively contribute to a fighters success & am constantly playing catch up, then I have more than I can handle and that’s not fair to the fighter. It’s not about quantity or money especially when your dealing with someone’s hopes & dreams.

W.S.: Is there anything you want to add?

J.L.: I’d like to thank Stanley Day of GBH-MMA and Brian Butler Of Sucker Punch Entertainment. Being a new kid on the block in this rapidly expanding business it’s nice when big established management company, stop take time to give you a hand, word of advice or look out for you. You think it would be all cut throat & sharks but These two are class acts.

4 thoughts on “Mangers Profile – Sangre Management”

  1. Wasn’t the point of this to interview managers who didn’t exploit the sexual side of WMMA? And the logo has the backside of a girl trying to look sexy. Ironic.

    1. Yes The Photo is of Nicdali. Her photos are done by photographers she personally chooses and the photos We use are ones she personally okays. So there’s no misunderstanding.

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