OpEd – Should Lightweight be the Next Division for Invicta?


With five divisions and four champions to their credit, InvictaFC has been know as the top MMA organization for women. It has been incredible to see the lower weights at 105 and 115 grow by leaps and bounds over the past two years. With the crowning of a new 145 pound champion at InvictaFC 6, a new rallying cry has come to pass as of late…

“Let’s get the fighters over 145 a chance to fight!”

With the popularity of MMA, many women of all sizes are taking up the sport. The average weight for women over 20 is 164.7 pounds, according to the CDC. With so many fighters way below this number, there are a lot of women above that number not getting the opportunities to fight.

The next logical step is the 155 division. A ten pound drop from the average seems reasonable to help populate it. It would be hard to create a minimumweight division (100 pounds) at this point simply because there is no numbers to help support it. The amateur divisions at lightweight are solid right now (especially in the mid-west) and is ripe to have a lot of fighters turn pro to establish themselves nationally.

On the pro end, there current plague of fighters trying to make 145 but time and time again have been grossly overweight. A 155 division would curb a lot of problems for those fighters seeking more fights. Europe also seems to have a lot of pro lightweights that could get an opportunity to fight here in the states.

Who could be the stars in the division? Amanda Lucas could easily transition into the division. MMA vet Erin Toughill is also looking for fights at lightweight.

With the current lack of bantamweights, this may help fill some match slots in the coming year. Invicta may also be looking to expand to more shows down the line, and would open up more talent to them.

Who knows? After lightweight we may see welterweight division develop in the next few years.

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