Megumi Fujii to Announce her Retirement

Megumii Fujii states she will be hanging up her gloves, according to an interview in Japan’s Fight and Life Magazine to be published this weekend.

Fujii (26-2) is a legend in the sport, starting her career in 2004 with a 40 second rear naked choke win and wound up winning 22 straight, a mark no one has yet beaten in the women’s divisions. Fujii started out in Judo but continued to take on jiu-jitsu and catch wrestling to help her MMA game. Before Ronda Rousey was the “master of the armbar”, Fujii was racking up limbs with 13 arms before her retirement. Fujii also has a vicious ankle lock know at the “Megulock” that has been known to injure opponents.

Fujii and Akano

Outside the cage, she has been know as one of the sweetest and friendliest fighters. She has become a mentor to the AACC team to InvictaFC vets Hitomi Akano and Ayaka Hamsaki among others. She also is an inspiration to many fighters, including Jessica Aguilar, the #1 fighter in the strawweight division. She will continue her efforts to train the next generation of female fighters from Japan.

We wish Megumi the best in her retirement.

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