2013 Mid-Year Report – The Knockouts

There has been some solid KOs this year, and we are only six months in. From elbows, knees, and kicks, it’s not only the guys that are putting the lights out.

If you missed out, here is our list of the KOs you need to see.


Nina Ansaroff KOs Aylla Caroline Lima da Silva – Premier Fight League 10

Riding a four three fight win streak, Ansaroff made her way down to Brazil, which would be intimidating to any American fighter, and landed a scissor kick to the chin to KO Aylla Caroline Lima da Silva.

You can watch the KO here



Veronica Rothenhausler KOs Katalina Malungahu – InvictaFC 5

The current “Queen of the KO” has to be Veronica Rothenhausler, who scored three KO victories in under 2 minutes in her amateur career.

Seeing no one wanted to take her on anymore in the ammy ranks, she went pro at InvictaFC 5 against Katalina Malungahu. It took 72 seconds for Rothenhausler to make an immediate impact.

You can watch the KO here



Cat Zingano TKO over Miesha Tate

It was the second female fight in UFC history, and was a closer match than anyone could have ever expected.

Zingano was down on the cards early, but would comeback in the third with three knees and a devastating elbow to collapse Tate and get the win.

You can watch the KO here


Vanessa Guimaraes KO over Bruna Paiffer – Strikers Cup 25

After being on the end of a TKO loss in her pro debut, Vanessa Guimaraes made a huge statement her second time out, getting the knee KO victory.

You can watch the video here


Amber Lynn Orr KO over Miki Rogers – V3 Fights

It’ not only the pros that have devastating KOs. Currently on a three fight win streak, Amber Lynn Orr was able to land a huge knee when Miki Rigers went for a takedown.

You can watch the video here

3 thoughts on “2013 Mid-Year Report – The Knockouts”

  1. Honestly, my vote would go for Veronica Rothenhausler. She has that crisp knockout power that fits well into the featherweight division.

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