Miesha Tate Bringing in Judo Gold Medalist to Training Camp


Miesha Tate looks to learn some defensive strategies from one of the best judokas on the planet.

Tate stated during at the post UFC on Fox 8 scrum Saturday night that she is working on getting 2012 Olympic Gold medalist at 71 kg/156.5 pound Lucie Décosse to help her train some judo to counter champion Ronda Rousey’s.

Décosse started judo at age 6, and won the European championships at 21. She has won three world championships and was a silver meadlist at the 2008 Olympic Games. Decosse is currently ranked #1 in her division.

Many consider her the best judoka to come out of France.

“I am looking forward to learning the (martial) art,” Tate stated. “Another part is to learn judo from a judoka’s perspective. I felt that was the missing link before.”

It will be interesting to see if Décosse’s work with Tate will help her against Rousey.

On a side note, Décosse took up some boxing last month. It will be interesting to see if she learns a thing or two about MMA from Tate.


12 thoughts on “Miesha Tate Bringing in Judo Gold Medalist to Training Camp”

  1. On the one hand, I applaud Tate’s willingness to bring in someone with Olympic judo credentials to help her train; however, I think this choice is flawed. I won’t claim to be an expert in International judokas, but I will say that Ronda was an unconventional competitor insofar as she also spent significant time working on quick transitions to ground-based attacks. Typical judokas spend considerably more time on their throws than on the ground game because of the rule set in place (which will also make it more difficult for future judokas to transition to MMA, but that’s another discussion entirely). Unless Decosse can mimic Ronda and her style, including the rapid transitions (possible, but unlikely), then her presence in camp won’t help Tate much. Judo is also more difficult to pick up than people realize, so a couple of months in camp (or worse, a couple weeks) isn’t likely to make much of a dent in Miesha’s game.

      1. The arm bar defense isn’t really the issue. Ronda’s opponents generally know the defenses. It’s the speed of the transitions that no one is used to. That’s why her early matches were so fast. Had Ronda not rushed herself the first time against Tate, the fight would have ended in the first minute, as well.

    1. It will take far longer to get the feel of the judo clinch and throws, and to develop the necessary reflexes to counter them, than is available in Miesha’s camp. Like I said, it’s a nice idea, but it’s still flawed.

  2. 2 months is nothing. Tate will never be able to grasp the nuances of judo in that short amount of time. Rousey has been training in Judo since she was very young and two months would not give anyone a fighting chance against her. By Tate’s own admission and resume she has no martial art background. Wrestling (high school folk style) is not a martial art. helpful but far from a martial art. Judo is a bit more complex and requires years of practice in order to understand the mechanics of feeling opponents weight shifts and overall body movement in order to effectively apply technique. Bjj is basically focused on the newaza of judo and de-emphasized stand up technique and throws. To my understanding Tate has a very slim background and foundation even in Bjj. MMA is predicated on knowing a martial art, something Tate and most people forget.

    1. It’s not about Miesha mastering Judo in a few months, it’s about working defense. If Miesha can stifle Ronda’s throws, Miesha can work on striking.

      1. I never said a few months nor did I say “master judo”. Two months is not enough time to grasp the nuances of judo and it certainly won’t be enough time to teach someone to defend against judo throws. Everything is based on experience, knowledge of and experience in body coordination and balance. All of which Tate doesn’t have and Rousey has based on her training in judo from a young age. Tate has no foundation in a martial art which puts her at a HUGE disadvantage. Judo is not an easy art to learn and master contrary to what many people think. You can spend months on one throw and still not have it right. either way Tate is wasting her time dreaming she will defeat Rousey. Tate is a dreamer and the world needs dreamers

  3. Miesha has a really good camp by her side. “I believe she described it as an anti-judo camp. She brought in Lucie Décosse early in her training for a reason. In addition to having Lucie Decosse in her corner she is apart of Team Alpha Male and trains with Bang Ludwig. I heard nothing but good things about Ludwig and a winning streak.

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