What We Can Surmise from “The Ultimate Fighter Trailer” Plus Tate Talks TUF

tuf rousey vs tate 01UFC on Fox 8 gave us a first look at “The Ultimate Fight: Rousey versus Tate”, and it looks like a lot drama and action to come. Rousey actually looks more annoyed than Tate throughout. Tate saw a benefit to being on the show.

When it came to Rousey, Tate expressed at a post fight scrum that the six weeks of filming had made her numb to the champs verbal assault towards her.

“It strengthened me and taught me to not let (Rousey) get inside my head.”

Miesha Tate stated she wouldn’t be interested in doing another season of “The Ultimate Fighter”. Although she loved the experience, she felt it was way to tough too do it again.

“You get emotional invested in the team. You take their wins and losses like your own. It was challenging in every single way.”


Viewing the video trailer from “The Ultimate Fighter 18”, we can surmise several things. The first is that InvictaFC vet Jessamyn Duke is on the show, and that she is Team Rousey (Duke is sporting Rousey’s team green uniform).

CFA tournament participant Peggy Morgan is clearing fighting for her way in (see 23 seconds in). Sarah Moras, Julianna Peña, Raquel Pennington, and Revelina Berto can also be seen at various points.

Update: MMARising on twitter is also stating that Tara LaRosa, Jessica Rakoczy, Julianna Peña, and Tonya Evinger can be seen in the trailer. Should be noted Pena was spotted sitting with Tate at the UFC on Fox 8 event, so we can assume she is Team Tate.

UFC President Dana White stated the first two episodes were in the can, and that both were exceptional, especially the second one. “The Ultimate Fighter: Rousey vs. Tate”  will debut on Fox Sports 1 September 4.

You can watch the trailer below.


One thought on “What We Can Surmise from “The Ultimate Fighter Trailer” Plus Tate Talks TUF”

  1. This season seems really intense. It will be interesting though because of the strong dislike between these two. I guess Ronda did some wild stuff on this show because she’s dreading when it comes out.

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