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schenk mmaChris Schenk has been a long time support for the female fighters and has been one of its biggest advocates. He helped many ammy fighters make transition to the pro ranks, and helped fighters find fights.

To prove his dedication, Schenk announced this past year that he is offering his services for free. Yes you heard that right, free! We talk about Schenk about his company and what to expect if you want to work with him.


Wombat Sports: Can you tell us a little about yourself? How long you have been a manager, background in the business, some of your clients, ect…..

Chris Schenk: I’m not really good at talking about myself as I would rather talk about the fighters and the fights. I started SchenkMMA in 2009 to help Female MMA fighters to achieve their goals and to be the best they can be. My goal is for Female MMA fighters to be able to live their dreams and to be the best fighters they can be.

As far as fighters I have mostly worked with Amateur fighters as far as management is concerned but I am willing to help any Female MMA fighter no matter if they are Amateur or Pro. I’m not in this business for the money. (As a matter of fact I turned SchenkMMA into a donation only business last year, so I could take the money out of the equation but that’s another story all together. Check out my site if you want more details.)

I am in this business to help the fighters achieve their goals and to be build strong relationships with the fighters, promoters, coaches, and others along the way.

Wombat: What, in your opinion, does a manger do?

Schenk: To sum up what a Manger does as far as I am concerned it is my job to take care of all of the business aspects of the fight game so that a fighter can spend their time training and fighting.

It’s also my job to take care of the fighter and make sure they are getting the training they need and that they are meeting the goals that we have setup between us for their career. If we are not achieving the things the fighter and I agreed to do then it is my responsibility to get things back on track. This is a person’s life and livelihood we are dealing with and I don’t take that lightly.

W.S.: What are three qualities you like to see in a potential client?

C.S.: Strong Work Ethic, Professionalism, and Heart.

W.S.:  What are three qualities you feel make a great manager?

C.S.: Strong Work Ethic, Professionalism, and loyalty to their fighters.

W.S.: Many fighters have stated that they have bad experiences with managers and have simply done a lot of the duties of a manager themselves. Why should they reconsider getting manager?

C.S.: I really think that if a fighter feels they can manage themselves then they should be allowed to do that first and foremost. But if they don’t feel like they can train, and prepare for their fights both physically and mentally and still do the business end of the MMA business then I would recommend they get a Manager.

With that being said I think there are a lot of very bad managers out there in the MMA game and I would recommend that any fighter who is thinking about getting a manager talk to other fighters, coaches, trusted friends, and others they know inside the MMA world to check out a potential coach because really at the end of the day this is their life and I don’t think you should ever just turn your life or your livelihood over to just anyone.

I also believe that if a fighter doesn’t feel good about someone on their team then it is their right to get rid of that person. I always want to build a solid relationship with my fighters and while I understand that in the business of MMA we are all going to have up and downs I always want my fighters to know that I am there for them first and foremost and that I will always have their back win or lose.

To me this isn’t about the money this is about the relationship and the family we are trying to build together. This relationship is never one sided.

W.S.: Female fighters in general have more demands than males. What specifically qualifies you to manager female fighters?

C.S.: I don’t know if there is any one thing that qualifies me to manage female fighters beside my love for WMMA and MMA in general. Also I’m not in this for the money and I am willing to help any female fighter any chance I can to achieve their goals. I don’t care if I am managing the fighter or not. If a fighter needs something and I can help them in some way achieve their goal and their dream that is what I am here to do.

W.S.: What is your ethical responsibilities as a manger?

C.S.: I truly believe that if you are a Professional about what you do then the ethic’s rarely come into question.

W.S.: Are you willing to put it in writing?

C.S.: I’m willing to put anything the fighter wants into writing. I see this as only protecting both of us if it is needed. I guess I am still old fashion in a way when it comes to how I deal with fighters but if I tell someone I am going to do something and I shake their hand then I consider my word to be my bond and that is just the same to me as any signed contract.

W.S.: What are your expectations in a client?

C.S.: I expect them to train their hardest. I expect them to work on our relationship, and to build trust with each other. I expect them to be professional. Last but not least I expect them to know I have their back 110% we are in this together and I won’t ever quit on them win or lose. We win together and we lose together, but at the end of the day we are standing there together regardless. We are team and a family.

W.S.: What is your philosophy when it comes to how many clients you have?

C.S.: I believe in quality over quantity. Since I am not in this for the money I don’t need a lot of fighters, but the fighters I do have I want them to do their very best and for us together to achieve their dreams.

W.S.: Is there anything you want to add?

C.S.: First I would like to say Thank You to you for allowing me this opportunity. I have known you since I got started in WMMA and you have always been a great friend to me and have always helped me with whatever hair brained idea I might of come to you with.

I would also like to say that you all of the great Female MMA fighters out there who without you ladies none of this would be possible. Last but not least I would like to say Thank You to all of the people who have helped me along since I started SchenkMMA back in 2009. You know who you are and I hope you know I will never forget all you have done to help me. I believe in “paying it forward” and I try to do that every day.


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