Rogan’s Riff Video Gives More Clues to TUF 18 Details

A new preview has come out Sunday night with Joe Rogan giving his opinions on this season of “The Ultimate Fighter”. With it came more unseen footage, and we are able to surmise some clues on who is on who’s team, and some of the opening round matches.

0:31 – We get a group shot, although most of the females are obscured by the men.

1:00 – Roxanne Modafferi training with a member of Team Tate (Sarah Moras by the looks of it). Modafferi is wearing Team Tate Blue at 1:12 in, so she is in the house and Team Tate.

1:33-2:02 – We see action from the “getting into the house” fights:

  • Jessamyn Duke defeats Laura Howarth by triangle choke
  • Peggy Morgan vs. Bethany Marshall
  • Raquel Pennington vs. Tonya Evinger
  • Juliana Pena vs. Gina Mazany
  • Shayna Baszler vs. Colleen Schneider
  • Jessica Rakoczy vs. Revelina Berto

2:23 – We see Shayna Baszler (wearing Team Rousey Green) in a stare down with Julianna Pena (wearing Team Tate Blue). Peggy Morgan can be seen on Rousey’s Team in the background as well as Jessamyn Duke. So we know Morgan and Pena win their way into the house as far as we know.

So far the Teams look like this:

Team Rousey

  • Jessamyn Duke
  • Peggy Morgan
  • Shayna Baszler

Team Tate

  • Roxanne Moddafferi
  • Sarah Moras
  • Julianna Pena

You can watch “Rogan’s Riff” below.


One thought on “Rogan’s Riff Video Gives More Clues to TUF 18 Details”

  1. I keep going back and forth about TUF 18. At first I thought it would be cool, then Misha Tate happened and it sounded like a train wreck, but this promo is pretty decent too (“beautful women who hate each other” nonsense aside)… So guess I’ll give it a shot, at least for an episode. Still worried that it’ll degrade into a catfight courtesy of the *lovely* people otherwise known as reality TV editors, but *maybe* they’ll see sense. Maybe. There are certainly enough entirely badass people on the show to have plenty of interest without it!

    (Also, not to be annoyingly politically correct, but could we not with the word “females” in the phrase “most of the females are obscured by the men”? I know, I know, the MMA community always says it like that, but it needs to stop: there are lots of people, i.e. potiential fans, who’ll be very angry if they read a sentence like that. Either “females” and “males” if you must, but even better just “women” and “men.”)

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