Megumi Fujii Talks Retirement Before her Last MMA Bout

gb megumiThe word “legend” gets tossed around a lot, but in the women’s divisions, the moniker is best placed on Megumi Fujii.

Fujii will be stepping in the cage one last time Saturday and hoping to leave the sport at the #1 fighter in the world when she rematches Jessica Aguilar. An outpouring of support has come through the MMA community as she will be remember as the greatest female fighter of all time.

Fujii talked to us on the eve of her swan song in MMA.


Wombat Sports: There were a lot of fighters vying for the chance to be your last fight. What are your thoughts when Jessica Aguilar was announced?

Megumi Fujii: I was so happy that I got the goose bumps when I heard that Jessica accepted thte fight. And I was alos honored and hppy to hear that there were other fighters out there that would want to compete against me as the final opponent.

Wombat:  A lot of fans were disappointed and thought you may have won versus Aguilar. What are you hoping in this second match?

Fujii: The judging was how it was, but it was Jessica and me who were in that cage and fought our hearts out, so it really doesn’t matter who says what. Tomorrow will be the same, we will go in there and exchange our skills, and give everything we have got.

W.S.:Seeing your career and how much the women’s divisions have grown, did you ever think the sport would get this big?

Fujii.: I didn’t think the sport would get this big, but because of that, I was able to fight outside of Japan, and challenge my goal of becoming number one in the world, so I am really happy that women’s MMA has been recognized this much.

W.S.: We have been seeing the next generation of fighters start to grow in Japan. With you and Hitomi bout leaving the sport, what advice would you give them?

Fujii.: Do what you want to do, and don’t get tied up into one style that they say is the right thing. Do what you believe and learn from it.

W.S.: What are your plans in retirement?

Fujii.: I want to relax, I won’t have to think about my next fight, or plan my workout plans. So I would like to live a normal life for a while, and the do something where I can give back to the MMA industry.

W.S.: Who would you like to thank going into this fight and retirement?

Fujii.:  I would like to thank my parents that supported me through my whole career, and never told me to quit, and I would like to thank the VTJ staff, people involved in the past 3 months to make this happen. Everybody was pointed in the same direction so it was a very warm, good environment getting here today.


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