Commissions Still Uneducated About Female Fighters’ Needs

As female talent enters MMA, Commissions are scrambling to catch up on how to treat them.

In what was a weird ruling this past weekend, the Quebec commission asked Cassie Criasno to wear a male protective cup in her match with Valerie Letourneau. Besides the fact the jock strap and cup was a used one, it was not going to help one bit on a female anatomy.  Crisano refused and the match didn’t happened.

This hasn’t been the only instance of Commissions making a rule that was unreasonable. We reported a few weeks ago about the State of Louisiana putting a temporary ban of females with breast implants fighting unless their is a doctor’s note.

In Washington State, a new provision has been added to make it a mandatory requirement for female competitors to wear a chest protector. The code number is WAC 36-14-1060 and can be read here. It will go in effect January 1, 2014.

Not all commissions are like this, but all should consult with female fighters to see what their needs are in terms of protection, and support. Commissions should take a cue from Invicta, who has been proactive in these matters.

Female fighters aren’t as fragile as people think, and are tougher than the guys sometimes. Hopefully the Commissions will educate themselves quicker.


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