Muay Thai Angels Tournament Gets Underway in Thailand


The locally televised “Muay Thai Angels” in Thailand has started with a tournament featuring talent from across the planet. Among the participants include Polish MMA standout Joanna Jedrzejczyck and Muay Thai Premier League vet Ilona Wijmans.

The opening round happened last week. The next round starts this week.

Opening Round

  •  Dunnapa (Thailand) def. Wendy Talbot (New Zealand) by decision (Video here)
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyck (Poland) def. Sandra Sevilla by decision (Luxemburg) (Video here)
  • Sindy Huyer Bis (Italy) def. Asya (Russia) by decision (Part 1 here; Part 2 here)
  • Chommanee (Thailand) def. Zoie Tang (Hong Kong) by decision (Video here)
  • Iman Ghablou (Morocco) def. Su Jeong Lim (Korea) by decision (Video here)
  • Teresa Sinbi (Sweden) def. Jessica Sanchez (Spain) by decision (Video here)
  • Laurene Pumphanmuang (France) def. Ilona Yakubovich (Belarus)
  • Ilinca Serbu (Romania) def.  Zahrah Memon (England)

Quarterfinal Matches

  • Dunnapa (Thailand) vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyck (Poland)
  • Sindy Huyer Bis (Italy) vs.  Laurene Pumphanmuang (France)
  • Iman Ghablou (Morocco) vs. Chommanee (Thailand)
  • Teresa Sinbi (Sweden) vs. Ilinca Serbu (Romania)

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