Amanda Leve Denied to be on Boy’s Wrestling Team Due to Gender

leveIn the past decade, high school girls have been gaining more and more acceptance in the freestyle wrestling world. However, one school is still a bit backwards in their thinking.

16 year old Amanda Leve was denied the opportunity to wrestle on the new Archbishop Ryan High School boy’s team in Philadelphia. The reasoning was that “wrestling is a full contact sport open to boys only and this rule is in place to make sure the sport is safe for everyone who participates.”

The Archdiocese also expressed “gender differences are important and play a role in the development of mature Christian identity” according to a report by Fox 29 in Philadelphia.

The reason why Leve wants to join the wrestling team, besides her competitive nature, is that she wants to earn a scholarship to go to college. Her long term goal is to become a MMA fighter and fight in the UFC.

Leve is showing solid skills as a grappler. As an accomplished BJJ fighter, she has beaten guys in tournaments in the past.

“Amanda Leve would bruise a lot of boys’ egos. I’ve fought her in BJJ…tough as hell,” BJJ and MMA fighter Jessica Eve Richer tweeted Sunday.

Support also came from Olympic Bronze medalist Clarissa Chun, tweeting that she want’s the school to “Let her wrestle!“.

The Archbishops stated they will meet to reconsider post wrestling season. There is a petition to get Leve on the team sooner, which you can sign here. 


You can see the video of the Fox 29 news story here.


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