Jessica Eye Talks Ahead of UFC 166 Match with Sarah Kaufman


Jessica Eye is prepared to take on her biggest challenge to date in Sarah Kaufman on the biggest stage in MMA.

Eye was signed to the UFC just a few months ago and will make her debut Saturday against the former Strikeforce bantamweight champ in a bout that will  air on Fox Sports 1. The former Bellator fighter Eye is moving up in weight for the bout, and hopes to be more successful than her fellow flyweight signees.

We talked to Eye about her entrance into the UFC and moving to the bantamweight division.


Wombat Sports: What are your thoughts going into your first UFC match?

Jessica Eye: Now thats a very broad question. I guess to sum it up is “Excited”.

Wombat: We have seen a lot of flyweights move up to bantamweight to find little success in the UFC. How are you adapting to the move to the larger weight?

Eye: I am adapting just fine . I am able to eat more, train harder and lift more . Its like stepping up to entirely knew level of training.

W.S.: You have a tough test in Sarah Kaufman. Many people are thinking this could be the fight of the night, if not the match of the year. What did you think when they offered you Kaufman?

J.E.: I thought it was awesome . I want to fight the best so that I can truly say I am the best not because I say so because I proved so .

W.S.: You have had a lot of fans that have been there since the beginning of your career. What does it be to have such a loyal fan base?

J.E.: I ADORE my fans and will always be there to make them proud. Isnt this why we as fighter fight? With out fans and support would this sport be as fun ? Well I dont think so . I am lucky there about 100 people I personal know coming to this fight . I could be anymore happier than I am now.

W.S.: Anything you want to add? Anyone you’s like to thank?

J.E.: I want to Thank the UFC , My entire support team , Chick-o-stick, Haasz Auto Mall , Defense Soap, Vertimax Trainer, Good Green Bars , Bad Boy , John P lennon, Dawgs 4ever , Athletes Originals.

Also Wombat Sports for the interview


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