Wombat Sports and Chick-O-Stick Encouraging Girls to Be Active & Healthy

It has always been a mission of Wombat Sports to help encourage girls to pursue their dreams in combat sports, and UFC fighter Jessica Eye’s sponsor Chick-O-Stick candies, also want to see girls active and healthy.

On the eve of Jessica Eye’s UFC debut, we have teamed up with Chick-O-Stick to start the “Healthy Chick” campaign to make sure girls are living a healthy lifestyle, and making sure they treat themselves from time to time. We want to know what you do everyday to keep a healthy lifestyle and how you reward your hard work. With a sweet treat or some other indulgence?

Wombat Sports got interviews with several fighters of all ages to talk about why it’s important to them to live healthy and to treat themselves from time to time.

We encourage you to tweet why it’s important you are a #HealthyChick to @ChickOStick and post on Chick-O-Stick’s Facebook page.


eye chickostick

Jessica Eye – UFC Fighter

I believe it is important to eat well because your body is your vehicle in life. You must take care of it and properly fuel it to get the most out of everyday and extend the life of your body. Being active also doesn’t mean you have to do MMA or any particular sport, but it’s important to get outside and walk or jog…just get your body moving. This also helps to encourage good mental stability which is an added benefit for all girls and women.

I am the first to tell you after a hard week of training and eating healthy foods that fuel my body, I indulge in foods that mentally make me happy like a protein packed Chick-O-Stick. Now and then candies can be a part of your overall healthy lifestyle. This will help you learn not to be a gluttonous individual because if you treat yourself everyday is it truly a treat then? It’s all about balance. If you crave sweets make sure you’re balancing those cravings with healthy foods and activity too!


courtney cordoza 01Courtney Cardoza – 10 year old Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu champion

It is important to eat well and stay active so I can be fast and keep fighting for a long time and I don’t get tired. My mom and dad give me a treat when I get a good grade or I do good in a tourney.


jussley canada 01Jussley Canada – 18 Year Old Aspiring MMA Fighter

Its very important for me to be active and stay on a diet, because with MMA I have very intense training, so I have to eat and train right or I will not be very good at what I do.

It is also very important for you to treat yourself now and then, I usually do mine right after I weigh-in, but never over do it! If you don’t treat yourself now and then you will end up going crazy and eating nothing but fatty foods and candy!


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