Garcia; Nicolini Claim ADCC 2013 Submission World Titles

Garcia - Courtesy
Garcia – Courtesy

Gabi Garcia won her second straight ADCC Submission wrestling title this past weekend, submitting all three of her opponents.

The Brazilian Garcia defeated Polish fighter Maria Malyjasiak in the over 60 kg finals via guillotine choke. Garcia got a darce choke over Japan’s Yurika Nakakura in the quarterfinals, and an Americana over the USA’s Tammy Griego in semi-finals. Griego would get the third place finish by decision over Fernanda Mazelli.

In the under 60 kg finals, Michele Nicolini gains her first ADCC title with a heel hook submission over Luana Alzuguir. Nicolini was the runner-up in the 2011 tournament, losing to Kyra Gracie.

Here are the complete results from this year’s tournaments:

Under 60KG


  • Michele Nicolini (Brazil) def. Yan Liu (China) by triangle choke
  • Seiko Yamamoto (Japan) def. Kristina Barlaan (USA) by points
  • Ana Tavares (Brazil) def. Nyjan Easton (USA) by submission
  • Luana Alzuguir (Brazil) def. Laura Hondorp (Netherlands) by points


  • Michele Nicolini def. Seiko Yamamoto by points
  • Luana Alzuguir def. Ana Tavares by submission

Consolation match (3rd place) 

  • Seiko Yamamoto wins by forfeit. Ana Tavares is out due to injury


  • Michele Nicolini def. Luana Alzuguir by Heel hook

Over 60KG


  • Gabi Garcia (Brazil) def. Yurika Nakakura (Japan) by darce choke
  • Tammy Griego (USA) def. Ida Hansson (Sweden) by points
  • Maria Malyjasiak (Poland) def. Penny Thomas (South Africa) by gulltoiune
  • Fernanda Mazelli (Brazil) def. Tara White (USA) by points


  • Gabi Garcia def. Tammy Griego by americana
  • Maria Malyjasiak def. Fernanda Mazelli by heel hook

Consolation match (3rd place) 

  • Tammy Griego def. Fernanda Mazelli by Judges Decision after 2 overtimes


  • Gabi Garcia def. Maria Malyjasiak by guillotine choke

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