Bethe Correia Talks UFC Debut

bethe correia 03Brazil has a deep and rich tradition in fighting, and that tradition also translates to it’s female talent.
With Amanda Nunes and Jessica Andrade already signed and both having wins recently, Bethe Correia hopes to continue the success of Brazilians in the UFC as she takes on Julie Kedzie at UFC Fight Night 33 in Melbourne, Australia on December 7. The match will air on Fox Sports 1 on December 6 in the US.

We talked to the undefeated Correia about entering the UFC and her preparations for her debut.
Wombat Sports: Why the decision to go pro?

Bethe Correia: I trained and fought as an amateur, then I met some professional fighters and MMA loved this mix and decided to invest and fighting professionally, I never thought that I could make a living at it.

Wombat: You had started as a professional in 2012 and have been on a roll since. What do you think is the reason you have rose through the ranks so quickly?

Correia: I believe it was my dedication, my boldness, working out seriously, and opportunity. Availing the right way for the right moment. Sometimes the opportunity is in front of the person, only to end up wasting.

W.S.: When you got the call to be in the UFC, what was your reaction?

B.C.: I was very happy. Because I know that there is a huge number of fighters who dream of entering the UFC. It is my dream to be part of this team, when he learned that I entered just thought I’d make the most of the chance.

bethe correia 02

W.S.: You are the third Brazilian female fighter to sign with the UFC. What is your opinion on the WMMA scene there?

B.C.: Brazil is a country of great warriors, so we are very well represented. Women are fighting well in the UFC, I’m proud.

W.S.: The UFC is starting to fill up a great bantamweight division. What are your thoughts on the talent? Have you learned anything from seeing them fight in the Octagon?

B.C.: I think very good,  I love to see women going over prejudice and entering the octagon. What I learned is that we think we know our limits, we go beyond more.

W.S.: You are training with the Pitbull Brothers who have some impressive striking and BJJ. How do you come to train with them and what has it been like to have them as coaches? 

B.C.: Patrician and Patricky are my inspiration. Are the best in the world. And I know that I will be a champion with them, they’re always by my side in all forms. Glad to have this chance.

W.S.: This will be your first fight outside of Brazil. Feeling any nerves fighting overseas?

B.C.: I’m feeling the anxiety that exists before the fights, anxiety good. Motivates me! I want to get soon the day of the fight and make my UFC debut, I love to fight!

W.S.: Julie Kedzie is a pioneer of the sport. What would a win mean to you?

B.C.: Julie Kedzie has more MMA experience than me, most do not care, I train to fight with any one from rookie to veteran with great barracks. I’m focused on my job, can be any adversary.

W.S.: Anyone you’d like to thank/add?

B.C.: I want to thank God for opening the doors in my life and give me health. My team Pitbullbrothers. My coaches Mario Novaes, Tourao and Netinho Pegado. My family, my manager Wallid and thank you to all who support me.


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