Holly Holm Wins Sixth Straight; Title Match with Julie Werner Planned for March

Holm - Courtesy NMCombatSports.com
Holm – Courtesy NMCombatSports.com

It was no surprise that Holly Holm was a huge favorite in her fight Friday, but no one expected to go the distance.

Angela Hayes was the first to take Holm to a decision in Albuquerque, but it was Holm who took away the win.

Throughout the fight, Holm exhibited her kickboxing skills, while Hayes was able to stay to the outside, and stuck and moved when she could. Several kicks by Holm landed to the liver, which stumbled Hayes, but Hayes was able to recover. Hayes tried to utilize the clinch try to take Holm down. The stronger Holm was able to stuff any attempts getting to the fight to the ground, and was able to get mount towards the end of the third round. Hayes fought out of it, and Holm concentrated her striking as the round ended. All three judges scored it for Holm 30-27. Holm is now 6-0 in MMA.

At the post fight press conference, Fresquez Promotions announced Brazilian flyweight Julie Werner (7-3) has verbally committed to fight Holm for the promotion’s bantamweight title in March in Albuquerque.  Werner has won five straight bouts and her only losses were to InvictaFC’s Vanessa Porto. This will be Werner’s US debut.

No word on an exact date, or if Holm will fight for Legacy before the fight.


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