Video – “The Doctors” Tackle Girls in Pankration

mckenna 01
McKenna is a pankration bout

It’s nothing new to WMMA fans that girls as young as eight are taking up pankration as a way to prepare for a possible career in MMA. Several shows have done pieces on the subject and “The Doctors” is the latest one.

The original title for the piece this past week on is “Cage Fighting Kids”, but this is a misnomer. Unlike MMA, a lot of times don’t happen in a cage, pankration dosen’t allowed to strike to the head,  and they wear protective gear. Several states offer youth pankration fights, but has yet to see national acceptance.

Two female champions are featured, including McKeena (14) and Regina (8) who both did a great job of representing the sport. If you look closely, you may get to see Future Star Cortney Drew doing some work.

Interesting to see no boys were represented. Hmmmm….

You can watch the feature story on McKenna here.

The live follow-up featuring McKenna and Regina can be seen here.


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