XFC Expands to Brazilian Market with “MMA COPA”

The XFC is ready to venture into the international market as the US promotion announced they will be doing 10 events in Brazil. The events will be aired on Brazil’s REDE TV. The cards will be under the “MMA COPA” banner.

MMA COPA will feature male and female fighters from Latin America, and will crown their own champions. The International champs will get opportunities to face the current World champions at XFC in the U.S.

The first event will air February 1, 2014, and will have two 5 card season; the first February to May, and the second August to December.

“As a matchmaker, I am excited to see these high-level talent matchups, as winners from each weight class come together on the global stage in a World Championship…this is a matchmaker’s dream come true, ” XFC President John Prisco stated in a press release. “MMA fans are going to witness the discovery of some of the best, yet unrecognized, talent in MMA….there has never been an opportunity like this before to see the best in class compete from both Latin America and the U.S.”

No word on who the XFC has signed in terms of fighters, and if the fights will be available


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