Team USA Wrestling Beats Russia in Women’s Dual Event

Photo Courtesy John Roebuck Jr
Courtesy John Roebuck Jr

In the first of a pair of wrestling dual matches, Team USA Women’s Wrestling picked up a 7-4 victory in Albuquerque Tuesday night. Among the winners is InvictaFC MMA’s Randi Miller, who outpointed Sangeeva Darima 8-0.

Team USA and Russia head to Windsor, Colorado for the second half of their double-header Thursday.

Team USA def. Russia 7-4

  • 48 kg: Elena Vostrikova (Russia) dec Erin Golston (USA) 5-0
  • 67 kg: Svetlana Babushina (Russia) dec Julia Salata (USA) 9-0
  • 48 kg: Alyssa Lampe (USA) dec Valeria Chepsarakova (Russia) 7-4
  • 51 kg: Victoria Anthony (USA) dec Stalvira Orshush (Russia) 8-1
  • 51 kg: Katherine Fulp-Allen (USA) inj def Natalia Maylsheva (Russia)
  • 55 kg: Whitney Conder (USA) dec Irina Olognova (Russia) 9-0
  • 59 kg: Jargalma Tsyrenova (Russia) dec Alli Ragan (USA) 6-1
  • 59 kg: Helen Maroulis (USA) tech fall Svetlana Lipatova (Russia) 11-0
  • 67 kg: Randi Miller (USA) dec Darima Sangeeva (Russia) 8-0
  • 67 kg: Veronica Carlson (USA) dec Svetlana Babushina (Russia) 3-0
  • 72 kg: Natalia Vorobeva (Russia) tech fall Adeline Gray (USA) 10-0

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