WMMA Press Announces their Nominees for their 2013 Awards

wmma-awards-2013-dark-bg-300x300For the 5th year, the WMMA Press Association is presenting the nominees for their awards, which will be given away in early January.

The longest running awards dedicated to the women’s divisions of MMA, the WMMA Press Awards gathers top journalists in the sport to vote on the best of the year.

There are seven websites and eight journalists represented:

(Gina Begley was appointed a new member of the committee this year)

The committee will vote in late December (post UFC 168) and the winners will be announced over the members’ podcast in early January. More details to come.

One of the hotly contested honors is “Fan Favorite Awards”, which looks to be a battle royal this year with 30 fighters up for the title. This will be determined by fans by voting through members’ websites. Last year, Bec Hyatt upset Ronda Rousey in the voting which saw a record amount of votes. Voting will end in December 31.

You can see the list of nominees here.


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