Rousey Defeats Tate for 2nd Time; Faces McMann in February

Courtesy UFC
Courtesy UFC

UFC Champion Ronda Rousey earned her 11th armbar victory which wasn’t a surprise.  What was is that it happened in the third round.

Miesha Tate blocked five armbar attempts during the nearly 11 minute fight. Rousey was able to take two of the rounds on the scorecards in what was a wild fight from the get go. Tate stuffed some of Rousey’s throws early on, but Rousey would eventually take the fight to the ground. Tate made it hard for Rousey to set up armbars and was able to use scrambles to get back up on her feet in round 1.

We were able to see Rousey land some ground and pound in the second after Tate attempted an armbar of her own. The fight stats showed Rousey out struck Tate with 43 significant strikes in the fight.

Rousey would takedown Tate with a judo throw in third round, with Tate gaining top position. Rousey slid her leg across Tate’s back, took Tate’s left arm and armbarred her at the 58 second mark.

With the win, Rousey goes 8-0 as a pro and retains the UFC bantameweight title. The match won Fight of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses. Tate will get $75,000, while Rousey gets $150,000 total.

The WMMA Press Committee has also decided to nominated the bout for Fight of the Year.

You can see the ending of the fight courtesy of Zombie Prophet here.

MMA Rising has a complete play by play of the fight.


rousey mcmann ufc 170 posterAt the post fight press conference, UFC President Dana White announced Sara McMann would be the next challenger for Rousey. The match will main event UFC 170 in Vegas February 22. Cat Zingano, who was set to be the next challenger, is not cleared to fight until at April at the earliest.

McMann (7-0) won her UFC debut this past April over Sheila Gaff, getting her first pro TKO win. She has wins over MMA vets Shayna Baszler and Hitomi Akano.

Rousey stated in the post fight presser she likes the quick turnaround for the fight, siting she wants to fight before taking on any future movie roles.

The will be the first fight between two Olympic medalists. Both McMann and Rousey were a part of the US Olympic Team in 2004.

The match will air on pay-per-view February 22.


7 thoughts on “Rousey Defeats Tate for 2nd Time; Faces McMann in February”

  1. First off, there was no Olympics in 2006, so you may want to change that to 2008. They also didn’t win medals in the same Games. Sara got hers in Athens in 2004, while Ronda won the Bronze in 2008. They were, however, both on the 2004 team.

    Truth be told, this is Ronda’s fight to lose. Sara’s injury problems and “personal issues” have kept her out of the Octagon for 10 months by the time this fight happens. That’s a long time to sit on the sidelines. Her development as an MMA fighter will likely have been affected by this. Though she may have been training and trying to improve, there’s something to be said about throwing down for real. Ronda will be the sharper of the two and will win this handily.

    The better choice would have been Alexis Davis, as she has fought more recently.

    1. Rousey wins because she’s great at judo and she has yet to fight an opponent who is a judo expert. Rousey really has no other way of winning. She always goes directly for the armbar and went for it SIX times in this fight. Six times! It’s like seeing a magician do them same trick over and over again. It’s really getting old. When I look at great male fighters like Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Jon Jones I notice that they’ve won in a variety of different ways. They worked towards being well rounded enough where they don’t have to win using the same move each time. It works for Rousey and unfortunately because Rousey sells sex and has an obnoxious personality fans aren’t going to shun her for that one dimensional fighting style she has. They just sort of overlook that.

      I’m tired of watching a women’s champ do the same shit, so i hope that Sara McMann can pull out a win(though I doubt it). Alexis Davis not only doesn’t know Judo but has lost 5 times. And twice to an opponent that Rousey has beaten(Sara Kaufman). So what do you think is going to happen to Davis? Davis wouldn’t stand a chance in hell. Really Holly Holm is the only one I see who would have a good chance of beating Rousey. Holly maintains striking distance well. She could possibly knock Rousey out before being clinched and taken down. But it looks like Rousey will be shielded from her because of Dana White. Dana signed Germaine De Randamie when she had a 3-2 record, yet refuses to sign Holly Holm who is unbeaten. Wtf sense does that make? But really, I don’t care who it is who beats Rousey, I just want to see her lose.

      1. From a purely competitive standpoint, the BEST thing Ronda’s done has been to win everything the same way. Why give opponents additional information if they haven’t been able to solve the initial problem? It’s her opponents’ problem to deal with. The fact that she’s been so dominant with this “one trick” demonstrates her brilliance.

    2. To me, her winning the same way, shows that, she’s too lazy to learn how to be well rounded. According to Rousey, mma is almost just as much about entertainment as it is about competitive prowess. After all, that was her reason for criticizing George St. Pierre. She basically said that he is boring because his fighting style isn’t entertaining enough. So that principal, doesn’t exactly coincide with what you said. Say what you want about GSP, but at least he doesn’t always fight the same way. He’s skilled enough to win standing up or on the mat. I’ve seen him beat his opponents both standing up AND on the mat. Without the fans, Rousey(nor any other mma fighter for that matter) would not get paid. So she’s right when, she talks about being entertaining. And to me, seeing a magician do the same trick, is not entertaining. But she has enough people who find her looks and personality entertaining enough, so they won’t complain about the way she fights.

      1. If you honestly don’t think that Ronda has been working on rounding out her skill set then you’re incredibly naive. One cannot become an Olympic medalist in judo by being lazy. It’s just not possible. It’s not unreasonable to think that she has the same level of dedication to her MMA pursuits. Is her striking world class? No, it isn’t, nor should it be when compared to her grappling. She’s been doing judo since age 12, while she only started MMA about 3 years ago. Has her striking improved with each fight? Definitely, but she’s under no obligation to slug it out to satisfy you on your couch.

        I’m a big fan of GSP and fully appreciate his skills as a martial artist (He and I have the same BJJ instructor, in fact), but his detractors will point out that he didn’t finish fights. He dominated his opponents completely, but was risk averse and didn’t demonstrate the same killer instinct he did prior to becoming champion. Ronda, meanwhile, definitively and absolutely, defeats her opponents. She has SUBMITTED everyone she’s faced. They GAVE UP. Would you be complaining if all she did was KO 11 straight opponents (amateur and professional)? No, of course not. Give the submission game (and her) the respect it deserves.

  2. I see matchups against Davies, Nunes , Mcann , Zingano and possibly holms and pena as all intriguing fights for ronda. I hope she fights at least three times in 2014.

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