WMMA Stats for Pro Fights in 2013

invicta champs
Invicta Champions Murphy, Esparza, & Honchak

It has been a crazy and active 2013.

With the expansion of the women’s divisions into several promotions, this has been the most active year to date. Between WMMA Today and us, we had our hands full getting results. We in particular have been trying to get amateur results as much as we can, but know we are missing quite a few this year, which is why we didn’t include any of their fights in this article.

To truly appreciate the year that was in 2013, here are the WMMA pro statistics we have compiled.


415: The number of pro WMMA fights this year. This number is up from 285 from last year; a 46% increase. In terms of who had the most, Invicta had a total of 45 fighters leading the pack, followed by DEEP-JEWELS/DEEP/JEWELS with 30. Of the other major promotions, UFC had 15, Cage Warriors 10, Storm Damage 7 (they held a one night tournament), and XFC 6.

181: Number of pro debuters this year. Only 41% won their first fight as a professional, with 31 of the fights with both fighters debuting.

163: Number of first round finishes. The number by itself beats out the number of unanimous decision (123) and split decisions (22) combined. Round 2 had the second most finishes with 59, and the third round saw 30.

112: The number of flyweight matches this year, the most of any division. We rounded up for all the catchweight matches. The strawweights are second at 97, with bantamweight taking the third spot with 93. The rest of the weights – featherweight (60), atomweight (43), lightweight (5), middleweight (3), heavyweight (2), and welterweight (1).

97: Number of TKO stoppages, the most popular way to stop a fight. 33% of total stoppages were by TKO versus only 7% by KO (22).

61: Number of armbar wins, the most of any submission. Rear naked chokes came in second with 51, and guillotine chokes in third at 8. Twenty-four other submissions were used including a bulldog choke and a scarf choke. Two submissions were due to strikes, and both were bouts in Australia.

58: Number of fights in November, the busiest month this year. Interestingly enough, Invicta didn’t have a card this month. However, 4 tournament finals happen this month including the finals of “The Ultimate Fighter”.

22: Number of ruled knockouts this year. Only 4 weren’t in the first round and the average time of the stoppages were 3:02.

3: How many pro title matches went five rounds. All were in InvictaFC and two involved Barb Honchak.

0: Number of draws this year. There were, however, two no contests.

1: Big year we had in 2013, and will be expecting 2014 to be even bigger.


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