WMMA Press Awards 2013 Inspirational Fighter and Legacy Award

Two honorary WMMA Press Awards were given out Saturday on the Wombat Sports podcast.



The WMMA Press Association’s “Might Mia Inspirational Fighter of the Year” is an award that goes to a fighter that fights the odds and does something extraordinary that inspires other female fighters.

Amateur fighter Susie Wyatt has been honored this year. At the age of 48, Wyatt has amassed a 6-2 record having only started fighting in MMA three years ago. She went 2-1 this year with a 39 second armbar. The “Mama Beast” is also helping the next generation of fighters, both male and female. She may have started late, but Wyatt has proven that it’s never too late to train.


Osborne with Miesha Tate
Osborne with Miesha Tate

The WMMA Press Legacy Award is something the committee bestows on a non-fighter who has helped the sport develop and help give women a platform to showcase their talent. The award is something the committee only hands out when they find an individual worthy of it.

This year, the committee decided to honor a pioneer in the WMMA community who was one of the first to give female fighters a place to fight.

Hook-n-Shoot promoter Jeff Osborne held the first ever all female card in the US in 2002. The card feature the pro debut of veteran Tara LaRosa. Osborne would continue to feature female fighters on his cards, and continue to hold all female events. He helped start the careers of Julie Kedzie, Miesha Tate, Roxanne Modafferi, Lisa Ellis and Kiatlin Young among others.

Osborne also started the “GFight Summit”, a gathering for female fighters to help network and give seminars in all aspects of MMA.

Without Osborne’s vision, we probably wouldn’t have seen the rise of WMMA in the US in the form of InvictaFC and the female division’s acceptance in the UFC.

You can listen to Wyatt and Osbourne accept their awards here.


You can see some of the already announced winners of the WMMA Press Awards 2013 here.

Monday, the ProWMMANow podcast will be handing out the awards for Knockout and Newcomer of the Year at 7 p.m. pst/10 p.m. est. You can listen here.

Wednesday the rest of the awards – Fighter, featherweight, bantamweight, flyweight, strawweight, and amateur fighter of the year winners will be handed out on on the Promoting Real Women podcast. You can listen here.

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