Bad Left Hook Announces their Female Boxer Awards

One of the premier general boxing sites Bad Left Hook released their female boxing awards this week.



Among the winners is Marcela Acuna, the current WBC world and WBC Silver super bantamweight champion, taking the Fighter of the year honors. Acuna’s match with Yesica Patricia Marcos headlined “The Event of the Year.”

You can watch Acuna versus Marcos here.


The rematch between Mariana Juarez and Riyo Togo took home the Match and Round of the Year honors. Juarez would win the WBC International super flyweight title in the ten round war. It was the last round that took the second award.

You can watch the Jaurez vs. Togo II fight here.


“KO of the Year” went to Oxandia Castillo, whose knockout of Hanna Gabriel was a true KO, which many pundits state are rarer in the female divisions.

You can watch the KO here.


Prospect of the Year went to Heather Hardy, who went 4-0 this year with 2 TKOs. She won the first ever Universal Boxing Federation (UBF) International super bantamweight title.


You can read about the rest of the award winners and nominees here.


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