Muay Thai Tuesday – Jan. 21

Betrian and Han
Betrian and Han

Latest Results

This past Friday, Jemyma Betrian traveled to China to take on Wang Ke Han in a WuLingFen rules match (similar to K1). After a back and forth match after 3 rounds, the judges called for an extnetion round (the cards had it a draw) and Betrian won on points.

You can watch the fight here (45:00 in).


The U.S. saw several kickboxing battles this past weekend.

At Jackahmmer Promotions in Deer Park, New York, 13 year old Justina Abruscato go the TKO over 27 year old Emma Smith in the first round. Also on the card, Meredith defeated Aly Franco by decision.

At WFC in Las Vegas, Jilliane McCuan defeated Chloe Grace Pomeroy by split decision in a 110 pound Muay Thai bout.


Match announcements

Lelo Page was announced as replacement for Claire Haigh, who was going to fight Russian Irina Mazepa in France February 8. Haigh and Page were unable to come to an agreement on what rules they would have used in the fight.


Australian champion Abby Nelson will share the stage with her son Damon as both will be fighting on the Ignition Muaythai event February 9th on Perth, Australia. Damon will open the card against Callum Stephans, while mother Abby will face Brodee Albonetti in the main card in a 55 kg Muay Thai bout.

Also on the card, Jenna Harvey faces Tyneil McMahon at 60 kg.


Upcoming Matches

At Enfusion Live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Iman Barlow will take on Adi Rotem. 

England’s Barlow has only lost once in her past 18 fights. The Israeli Rotem is the former W.F.C.A. Thai-boxing World Champion.


Muay Thai fighter Lena Ovchynikova is staying busy as she will take on Jingnan Xiong of China in Bangkok, Thailand.


In Bratislava, Solvakia, hometown girl Lucia Krajcovic faces France’s Lelo Page at 56kg in Muay Thai.


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