Rachael Ostovich Talks Pro Debut; Flyweight Goals in 2014

Courtesy Throwback League
Courtesy Throwback League

There is a tight knot group of Hawaiian female fighters and each are wanting to make their mark on the international scene.

One fighter that has started to make that leap is Rachael Ostovich, who has fought in the mainland U.S. a time or two. Undefeated as an amateur, she recently dropped from bantamweight to flyweight and is looking to impress some major MMA promotions this weekend in her pro debut against Jennifer Liou at Destiny MMA in Hawaii.

We talked to Ostovich about turning pro and her goals in 2014.


Wombat Sports: Why the decision to go pro?

Rachael Ostovich: The decision to go Pro was mainly the call of my dad and coach, “Bob-O” Ostovich. He wanted to make sure I was ready first. But as the competition began to slim, I was almost forced to go pro especially after these last two title fights. I’ve also been competing against mainland talent as an amateur so the transition seemed natural.

Wombat: You are heading into this fight as a flyweight. Can you tell us your thoughts of the division and why the decision to drop?

Ostovich: My thoughts on this division is that there is a lot of up and coming talent that will be transitioning to the pro ranks soon so the division will be a very deep and exciting one. I feel that I could do quite well as a flyweight. I’ve recently made the transition down from 135 and feel strong at the flyweight division.

W.S.: There seems to be a huge support system of female fighters in Hawaii. How has it been to see the fighters on the island start to make an impact on the MMA scene?

R.O.: Hawaii has got to be one of the most supportive mma communities in the world. It’s really more like one big ohana (family) as we’ve recently experienced in this last week’s events where our gym caught fire and rendered it unusable. Even or opponents’ coaches were extending a helping hand and offering their facilities to us to train for this upcoming bout- against them! Its humbling and an honor to be a part of this little mma hotbed in Hawaii. It was also extremely exciting to see our Hawaii boys do so well in their recent UFC wins.

W.S.: Can you tell us about your opponent? What are you expecting in this fight?

R.O.: I know my opponent is a tough Jiu Jitsu fighter who will be looking for the submission. Im really excited to fight her and have been training and preparing for her in particular. I am expecting an awesome pro debut for the both of us. I know she is ready to bring it… I sure am!

W.S.: What are your goals in 2014?

R.O.: My goals in 2014 is to break out in the WMMA scene and possibly compete for a title shot as a pro. I know I have a lot to learn and I am eager to put in the hard work and discipline it takes to get to that level. My best is yet to come in Christ Jesus!

W.S.: Anything you’d like to add/thank?

R.O.: I’d like to thank my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Without him I would definitely not be here today. I’d also like to Thank my parents and family for always being so supportive with my daughter while I train. Also props to my wonderful team mates who sharpen me everyday. Big Mahalo to all my supporters/sponsors- Maili Sunset Bar & Grill, Ho’aloha Construction, Island Athletics, MMA COMIX, Castagnetti Corp., Powerhouse/808Top Team and SUBMISSION Fitness. Thank you, also to Jay Bolos and family for always putting on the best MMA shows in Hawaii and making my career possible.

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