2013-14 National Women’s Collegiate Wrestling Champions Crown

King College Takes Team Crown

King College’s women’s wrestling team are the “Queens of the Mats” in 2013-14.

King took home the Women’s College Wrestling Association (WCWA) College Team Championships this past weekend  in St. Louis. They beat Oklahoma City College by 13 points and took home four individual titles to take home their first WCWA title. They won the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) National Duals title a few weeks ago.

Among King’s national champions are Haley Augello (116 lbs), Sarah Hildebrandt  (123 lbs), Alli Ragan (136 lbs), and Julia Salata (155 lbs).

Team USA wrestling’s Victoria Anthony (109 lbs/Simon Fraser University), Helen Maroulis (130 lbs/Simon Fraser University),  and Alli Ragan (136 lbs/King University) took home national titles in their divisions.

Here are the results:

Team Scores

  1. King University – 229.0
  2. Oklahoma City University – 227.0
  3. Simon Fraser University – 219.0
  4. Lindenwood University St. Charles – 148.0
  5. Wayland Baptist University – 132.0
  6. Campbellsville University – 112.0
  7. University of Jamestown – 88.0
  8. University of the Cumberlands – 74.0
  9. Missouri Baptist University – 72.0
  10. Midland University – 44.0
  11. McKendree University – 35.0
  12. Waldorf College – 35.0
  13. Menlo College – 34.0
  14. Northwest Kansas Tech – 34.0
  15. Missouri Valley College – 30.0
  16. Southwestern Oregon CC – 20.0
  17. Pacific University Oregon – 3.0
  18. Lindenwood University-Bellville – 0.0

Individual Championships

101 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Emily Webster (Oklahoma City University) def. Darby Huckle (Simon Fraser University) by technical fall (10-0)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Vanessa Smith (Wayland Baptist University) def. Brianna Rahall (Oklahoma City University) by technical fall (10-0)

109 Pound

  • Championship Finals: Victoria Anthony (Simon Fraser University) pins Breonnah Neal (Campbellsville University) (Fall 0:24)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Grace Paxton (University Of the Cumberlands) pinned Kristi Garr (Oklahoma City University) (Fall 4:40)

116 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Haley Augello (King University) def. Amy Fearnside (University of Jamestown) by technical fall (10-0)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Nikkie Brar (Simon Fraser University) def. Cody Pfau (Oklahoma City University) by decision (12-4)

123 pounds

  • Championship Finals: Sarah Hildebrandt (King University) pinned Cady Chessin (Menlo College) (Fall 2:22)
  • Consolation (3rd place):  Diaysha Moore (Lindenwood University St. Charles) def. Brieana Delgado (Oklahoma City University) by decision (8-4)

130 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Helen Maroulis (Simon Fraser University) pinned Rachel McFarland (Oklahoma City University) (Fall 1:10)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Rosemary Flores (Campbellsville University) pinned Mallory Velte (Simon Fraser University) (Fall 2:36)

136 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Alli Ragan (King University) def. Shai Mason (University of Jamestown) by technical fall (10-0)
  • Consolation (3rd place):  Samantha Villegas (Wayland Baptist University) def. Monica Ramirez (Lindenwood University St. Charles) by decision (6-2)

143 pounds

  • Championship Finals: Tamyra Mensah (Wayland Baptist University) def. Amanda Hendey (King University) by decision (8-0)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Forrest Molinari (Missouri Baptist University) def. Hanna Hall (Campbellsville University) by technical fall (14-4)

155 pounds

  • Championship Finals:Julia Salata (King University) def. Kayla Aggio (Oklahoma City University) by decision (5-1)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Brittany David (Lindenwood University St. Charles) def. Demi Strub (Oklahoma City University) by decision (11-10)

170 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Justina DiStasio (Simon Fraser University) def. Victoria Francis (Lindenwood University St. Charles) by decision (4-0)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Kerri Bumpers (King University) pinned Sherese Thomas (Oklahoma City University) (Fall 0:48)

191 Pounds

  • Championship Finals: Jenna Mclatchy (Simon Fraser University) def. Malexsis McAdoo (King University) by decision (8-2)
  • Consolation (3rd place): Tiaira Scott (Campbellsville University) def. Heather O`Connor (Oklahoma City University) decision (12-4)

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