OpEd: UFC 170 Fallout – Who Can Stop Rousey?


UFC champion Ronda Rousey is the new Anderson Silva.

Many are in the theory that Rousey is unstoppable and no one can defeat her, aside from Cyborg Justino. The jury is still out on if Cyborg can make 135 or if the UFC will sign her if she does.

Any fighter has a shot of defeating Rousey and it’s just about who has Rousey’s number. MMA is not an exact science and any given Saturday a fighter can upset any fighter. That being said here is a breakdown of possible contenders not named Cyborg.


Cat Zingano (8-0) – Even though she isn’t a BJJ blackbelt, her ground game is solid. Her Muay Thai experience is above par, as seen against Miesha Tate. She is undefeated and finished all by one of her pro fights. Many feel she is the only one outside of Cyborg that even has a chance. According to UFC Presdient Dana White she is next in line.

Alexis Davis (16-5) – Many are seeing Davis as a pushover for Rousey, but don’t let her decision fights fool you. Davis is a highly talented Brazilian and Japanese jiu-jitsu black belt, who’s submission and ground game is some of the best in the division. She has won her past 5 fights, and has wins over Amanda Nunes and Shayna Baszler. Rousey has yet to face a legit BJJ black belt and if a fighter like Kyra Gracie can’t submit Davis, it tells you how talented a BJJ fighter she is. The BJJ community seems to be in her corner, as many have put up videos on how to defend Rousey’s armbar. She is the second choice in the eyes of Rousey.

Amanda Nunes (9-3) – Having two UFC wins under her belt, Nunes has found herself in a position to be in the title hunt. Her loss to Davis aside, she has finished in all of her wins. Her strength and speed will match well against Rousey.

Sara McMann (7-1) – Knowing she just lost to Rousey doesn’t mean she can’t come back to win the belt in a rematch. Rousey’s use of a knee rather than an armbar can be debated she either wanting to prove a point, catch McMann off guard, or simply thinking she couldn’t sub McMann. Learning how to defend a knee to the liver won’t be too bad and many felt this fight could have gone longer. It’s still a bankable fight down the line. I want to see McMann and Nunes fight next with the winner being a title contender.

Lauren Murphy (8-0) – The current InvictaFC champion is the top bantamweight not signed to the UFC. The constant underdog has always stepped up to the challenge with wins over Kaitlin Young, Sarah D’Alelio, and Miriam Nakamoto.


9 thoughts on “OpEd: UFC 170 Fallout – Who Can Stop Rousey?”

  1. Are you sure Cat’s a black belt? Last I heard, she was a purple belt. It was her husband that was the black belt. You’re also forgetting that, prior to her marriage, Cat was a high level wrestler. Google Cat Albert (or Cathilee Albert, if you prefer). She was never as good as McMann, but she had skills.

    1. The article said that Cat Zingano “ISN’T a BJJ blackbelt”. For some reason, they didn’t mention Holly Holm, when listing Rousey’s opposition. Odd. But what I really disagreed with, was them saying that Rousey is the new Anderson Silva. That’s complete BS. Rousey fights the same way almost everytime. She won using her striking for the first time, against someone who is a terrible striker(Sara McMann). Sorry, that’s not saying a whole lot. Anderson has always been well rounded. Anderson won 16 UFC fights in a row. If Rousey can even make it to half that number, then MAYBE we can start comparing her to Anderson.

      1. Reason why Holm isn’t mentioned is because she has yet to face a top 10 opponent.

        As for the Anderson comment, the last fight should show that she is well rounded, and that her striking same is getting pretty dangerous.

      2. Pretty sure the first time I read it, it said that she was a black belt. I can’t confirm it outright, but I believe it was corrected after my initial comment.

      1. I compare Holly Holm’s tendency to get clinched up, with Rousey’s tendency to get hit in the face, with hard punches, while standing up. Rousey’s stand up striking generally sucks and she punches like a, drunk biker in a bar fight. Holly Holm could possibly knock Rousey out, before Rousey closes distance and gets a takedown.

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