Kaiyana Rain versus Kyra Batara a No-go; Both Sides Speak Out


We had reported several weeks ago that Kaiyana Rain and Kyra Batara were going to fight at BAMMA USA, but now that is not going to happen, and a respectful war of words have started.

What we can gather from both parties, here is what happened.

Rain had agreed to fight Batara on the condition Rain’s management talk to the promotion to get the particulars (namely timetable and pay). After they talked to BAMMA, Rain turned the fight down.

Rain posted on her blog the reasons why she turned down the fight.

“I support BAMMA and believe they and promotions like OC Fight Club among many others are important in providing a place for local fighters to gain experience and build careers.  I look forward to the possibility of doing a fight at some point in the Los Angeles area at one of these events.”

“The cost of putting on an event for a local show is very high and is dependent on ticket sales by the fighters so unfortunately they cannot afford to pay fighters as much as they would like. It seems to me that this fight is worthy of notice from promotions such as Invicta or PXC or RFA and along with that we should both seek multi-fight contracts so we can build our careers rather than do a one and done for minimal pay.”

There was no word on how much BAMMA was going to pay, but Batara e-mailed us a statement that the payday would have been decent.

“I can only speak for my own fight purse from BAMMA, which is a very healthy and competitive purse. However, if Kaiyana was offered anything similar to my pay, then I see no reason for her to turn down this fight based on financial circumstances.”

One of the sticking points is Rain is not licensed in California and would have to pay out of pocket for it. Batara stated she too was going to need to get a pro California fight license, but was willing to get it in order to fight.

We are hearing it is roughly between $800-$900 to get all the medical tests and the license itself in California.

Rain stated she is more than willing to face Batara in the future, but Batara’s manager is stating she now has two fights in the works. Batara’s manager confirmed this to us.

Both were respectful in terms of want both to be successful, but the grudge maybe settled at a later date.

3 thoughts on “Kaiyana Rain versus Kyra Batara a No-go; Both Sides Speak Out”

  1. This $800-$900 includes full medicals…eye, physical, blood, MRI, EKG, etc. MRI and EKG are the expensive ones and they last for several years.

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