Invicta’s Shannon Knapp Talks Possible TV Deal; Cyborg at 135

Cyborg and Knapp
Cyborg and Knapp

As we are patiently waiting for Invicta to announce their next event, a lot of things are in motion. We talked to InvictaFC President Shannon Knapp Tuesday to ask the current status of the promotion.

Knapp confirmed to us that a tv deal is being negotiated and that is why there is a hold up in the announcement of the next card. Knapp is hoping to get the i’s dotted and t’s crossed next week, and estimates a late April date for the card.

Knapp also told us that a mock card is ready for the the April event and more important, their 9th card’s date could be announced when the 8th is. She already has an idea on what the main event will be for both events.

With the possible tv deal, Invicta will have cards across the country.

One of the most asked questions these past few weeks has been about Cyborg Justino’s announcement about dropping to 135. Knapp confirmed Justino will defend her 145 belt against India Gomes first before dropping to 135 for a possible title fight with Lauren Murphy.

After Invicta’s announcement of the 15 fighters a few weeks ago, Knapp was under fire for not signing more U.S. talent. Knapp made a note to mention that more signings are on the way, many are American talent. We should expect a few more atomweight to be added to the roster next week; all American talent.

One major hurdle is The Ultimate Fighter tryouts, which has still have not been announced. Invicta didn’t want to sign talent that could possibly head to the UFC. Once the tryouts are over, expect some more signings.

Internally, we are seeing some fighter make the move down to a lower weight. Among those making the drop is Zolia Gurgel, who will return to strawweight for her next match. Gurgel won the Bellator 115 pound tournament in 2010 with wins over Unified ranked #1 Jessica Aguilar and and former #1 Megumi Fujii.

DEEP-JEWELS 115 champion and former Invicta strawweight title challenger Ayaka Hamasaki will be dropping to 105 for her next InvictaFC match.

Knapp made a correction in her press release a few weeks ago as Brazilian Herica Tiburcio will drop to 105 at Invicta.

Overall, Knapp is looking towards a long future for Invicta. Her goal has always been to grow the business and focus on the future of fighters. With the UFC being the biggest dog in the fight industry, Knapp stated she is not interested in selling the company even if it was offered.

Bottom line, Invicta is in this for the long haul.


10 thoughts on “Invicta’s Shannon Knapp Talks Possible TV Deal; Cyborg at 135”

  1. The biggest question in my mind is: why the heck does Invicta keep using Ameristar Casino? That venue is TERRIBLE! The bars and restaurants and even gaming tables were closing up by the time the fights were over. Even before that, the restaurant was out of diet coke and they laughed when I said,”well, send someone to go get some, or get some from one of the bars. I know the whole building isn’t out.” I won’t go back there…ever.

  2. “Knapp was under fire for not signing more U.S. talent. ”
    that’s sad … who cares where the fighter come from? And even, people are scared of foreigners?

  3. lol “I won’t go back to watch an Invicta FC card because they were out of Diet Coke”…
    We live about an hour from the Ameristar and have been to two events so far.
    Invicta puts on a great show, their fighters always come out to fight, and the Steakhouse at the Ameristar is a great place to eat after the event (and yes, they’re still open after the event lol)

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