Colleen Schneider Talks Pro Kickboxing Debut

Courtesy 7th Core
Courtesy Seventh Core

Colleen Schneider has come a long way since she fought for Tuff-n-uff in Vegas back in 2009.

Having had little success at 135, Schneider dropped to 125 and has won four straight in MMA, and is the SFL flyweight champion.

Looking for a change and always ready for a fight, Schneider will make her pro kickboxing debut against Jennie Nedell this weekend at Kickboxing Empire at the Planet Hollywood Casino in Las Vegas.

We talked to Schneider about making the transition to kickboxing and her move to train with UFC fighter Josh Barnett.


Wombat Sports: We haven’t seen you fight since September of last year. Any reason why that is?

Colleen Schneider: I’ve been looking for a fight the past few months, but it’s always hard for me to get a fight booked. I took a kickboxing fight because some opportunities for MMA fights I was hoping for didn’t pan out. However, I’m very excited to make my kickboxing debut. My striking has improved leaps and bounds since we’ve been focusing exclusively on it. It will be a fun fight to watch!

Wombat: You have moved from Syndicate MMA to training in southern California to train with Josh Barnett. How has the transition been and picking up catch wrestling?

Schneider: The transition to LA has been fantastic. I’m training at CSW in Fullerton with Josh Barnett and Erik Paulson. Catch Wrestling, stylistically, come more naturally to me than anything else I’ve done before. I absolutely love it, and am so grateful I had the opportunity to train under Billy Robinson before he passed away.

W.S.: You have been on a four fight win streak in MMA, and are one of the hot prospects at flyweight. What are your plans for 2014?

C.S.: I’m going to keep my 4 fight win streak in MMA rolling, and fight as many times as I can in 2014.

W.S.: You are taking a kickboxing match in Vegas this week. How has it been to train for a kickboxing bout rather than a MMA bout?

C.S.: Training for a kickboxing fight is actually much simpler than training for an MMA fight. All the time I would have spent wrestling and grappling, is now just spent on striking. It has allowed my training to be very focused and I’ve seen huge improvements because of it.

W.S.: What do you know about your opponent?

C.S.: My opponent is making her pro debut, but has large amateur record. I know she’s a tough girl and I expect her to come out there and give me a good hard fight.

W.S.: Anything you would like thanks/add?

C.S.: Huge thanks to my team and coaches at CSW. Also to my sponsors, Newaza Apparel and Garden of Life.


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