Muay Thai Thursday – March 27

Weekend Results

Courtesy B & W Tomasz Boboski Photography
Courtesy B & W Tomasz Boboski Photography

Enfusion came to Dublin, Ireland as Iman Barlow would successfully defended her 54 kg Enfusion  title against Lorena Klijn, taking the points decision.

Enfusion’s  Peter Lowe gave a summary of the match on facebook:

Once the bell rang it was the English, “Pretty Killer” that provided the eye catching techniques, buckling the legs of the Dutch “Lady Pit-bull” with a kick to the head, in the very first exchange. Klijn showed good powers of recovery and will to win as she blazed back throwing furious punch combinations that were, for the most part, blocked or parried.

Barlow found more success in round two, stinging her opponent with a knee to the body and a kick to the head and then easily evading a theatrical, cartwheel kick return. She closed the round out with combinations of kicks to the body that the Dutch lady struggled to deal with.

By round three it looked like Barlow had fully tamed Lorena, dropping her twice with kicks and knees she showed the kind of form that has made her the 54kg Ladies Enfusion boss. Lorena hung in there until the final bell and deserves credit for a brave display but it was ultimately the classy work of the English Champ that impressed all in attendance and saw her hand raised in victory.

Vicky Church gain the British 62 kg Muay Thai title in battle Lauren Huxley. Church’s clinch work and knees gave her the edge in points in a fight that went the distance.

You can watch the fight here courtesy of Awakening Fighters.

In Penzance, England, Lucy Payne was able to defend her Awakening world 57kg title over Victoria Lomax with a forth round stoppage. Payne was back in form with elbows being the key factor.

Awakening Fighters has video of the match here.

In other action this past weekend, Italy’s Silvia la Notte got the 2nd round stoppage over Barbara Bontempi in Milan, Italy in a Muay Thai battle.


Lion Fights will make its east coast debut at Foxwoods Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut May 23.

The card is set to feature the return of former Lion Fight champ Tiffany Van Soest. No word on an opponent.

QUEENS-235x300April 11th at the Sands Casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, there will be an all female Muay Thai card for charity.

The main event will feature Mandana Rafat facing Robyn Kelnk, with the co-main event seeing Andree Charbonneau taking on Brandice Peltier.

Jessica Cavagnaro will also be on the card.

Muay Thai returns to Dublin, Ireland at the Bridgestone gym will feature three female bouts April 12.

  • Felix Ameerodien vs. Katia Pedrosa
  • Kelly Bourke vs. Candice Hardwick
  • Jenny Campbell vs. Laura Prouse

Upcoming Matches

Cyborg Justino will be looking for her first Muay Thai title as she faces Jorina Baars at Lion Fight 14 in Las Vegas, NV.

Justino made her Lion Fights debut with a devastating TKO over previously undefeated Jennifer Colomb last September. Justino is the current InvictaFC MMA 145 champion.

Baars is undefeated as a Muay Thai fighter, but has taken a detour since 2011 to MMA. She is ready to get back to her roots in the ring.

The match for the initial 145 Lion Fight title will air on AXS TV Friday.

On the untelevsied portion, Renee Rosa will take on Khrystal Khorge, and Christine Ferea faces Ashley Muenz in amateur action.

A four woman tournament will take place in China on Sunday, which will feature Jemyma Betrian, Anissa Mekse, and two Chinese fighters.

Also, Wang Ke Han is set to fight plus a female MMA bout.

This will live stream on Sunday morning U.S. time.

408 Fights has a loaded card in San Jose, CA this weekend.

One match announced is Keri Anne Taylor facing Maia Stevenson in a Muay Thai bout.

Those expected to compete on the card include Yahnet Garcia, Vivien Lee, Keri Anne Taylor Melende, Daena Tan Mananquil, and Audra Gonzales.

The Monroe sisters, who were featured on our Future Stars column, will also be competing.

A new WPMF pinweight world champion will be crowned in Thailand as Little Tiger our of Japan faces Thailand’s Pogeo-Tonyomusu~tsu.

On other action this weekend:

  • Claire Haigh faces Anke Van Gestel in Luxemburg.
  • In Holland, Lorena Klijn battles Mariela Kruse

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